Cloud Thoughts

Cloud Thoughts.

Do you ever wonder
if clouds look down on us
and say,

That one is shaped
like a puffer fish!”
“That one looks like a
Scottish terrier!”

(which is, by the way, what I see in these clouds…    go figure!!)

Cheers & Hugs,


26 thoughts on “Cloud Thoughts

  1. Good Morning, Jodi! Benjamin said the cloud on the right is a T-Rex dinosaur and the other one is a dinosaur egg. That is most likely because he is all about dinosaurs, but I think I see it too. Maybe I’m spending too much time in the world of dinosaurs. Even his oatmeal has dinosaur eggs that hatch, but that is a long story. Cloud watching was a favorite activity with my Gram when I was a little girl, we let our imaginations soar. I think I must start doing this with Benjamin! Thank-you for this delightful post.

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  2. I see a Crescent Moon and a pearl. In a few minutes it will morph into something else. I love watching the clouds.
    We’ve been cloudless the last few days, so #1 Grandson and I haven’t spied any silly or interesting shapes. Thanks for sharing your clouds!

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  3. Oh to bring back those oh so sweet memories. We used to lie on our backs as kids on days like that and let our imaginations run wild. On we’ve carried that to our grandkids with fleeting success. And now those clouds can be passed on to Clara. What a wonderfully sweet future thought.
    Italian hugs. Guess whooooo. 🦉🦉🦉🦉😉😉😉

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  4. So often I look at clouds and remember lying in the grass on my back beside my mother trying to identify each cloud design. I do the same now with my own young adult kids and did so all through their childhoods. I understand that clouds were the inspiration for Dr. Seuss’s critters and characters. I see them often now that I know that. Like The Grinch. His features are a regular occurrence.

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