A Rare Hare with Flair

A Hare with Flair Watercolor 8x10 Saunders Cold Press

A Hare with Flair Watercolor 8×10 Saunders Cold Press

I found some time this past weekend
to splash some paint.

Once again inspired by the genius of
 Andrew Geeson’s loose watercolor painting,

I painted this
with flair
that I dare
to share
if you care
to stare
or glare.

Cheers & Hugs,

46 thoughts on “A Rare Hare with Flair

  1. This is the summer of the bunny–we have lots of hopping hares in the backyard, in the front yard…we are always worrying about the neighborhood cats and their hunting propensities! Your rare hare and his confreres eat a large share of our clover!!!

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  2. My 3 1/2 yr. old Grandson, Benjamin is beyond thrilled with your “bunny” painting! I read your poem to him and he laughed about a “bare hare”. He loves to sit in my kitchen sink and watch from the window the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and bunnies that visit the backyard. I admit to being a watcher too! You are a gifted artist and poetess, I feel blessed that you share your talents on this lovely blog. Thank-you!

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    • Hi Linda – You know this is a classic I have not read yet, but coincidentally just learned after posting this painting that our book club is scheduling it for this Fall, so I will be reading. Did you like the book? Thanks for visiting!


  3. Jodi, that there hare, that you’ve painted with flair, will look so good framed anywhere!
    I know others have posted similar comments, but I’m too warm to come up with something a little more unique! ‘Tis a grand painting, though! 😀

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