A Special Sunflower in Honor of Baby’s Namesake

Sunflower Watercolor 11x14 140lb Saunders Waterford

Sunflower Watercolor 11×14 140lb Saunders Waterford

A Special Sunflower in Honor of Baby’s Namesake.

Last Wednesday I posted a Yellow Rose Watercolor and told you about a special baby we just welcomed into the world and our extended family who is named after her two great grandmothers.

One great grandmother’s favorite flower was yellow roses. Β  The other’s favorite was sunflowers.

I tried to create this sunflower in a similar style and using many of the same colors as the yellow rose so they might look nice hanging together in baby’s room.

I hope her mommy likes this one and our little girl will have these as keepsakes throughout her life representing her special name and a special love I have for her and her family.

Though I sell most of my art in prints and note cards, these two paintings will be be one of a kind for this little one, with the exception of one print being made for each grandmother in remembrance of their mother.

Welcome to the world our newest little McHendy! Β Love and be Loved!

Cheers & Hugs,


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43 thoughts on “A Special Sunflower in Honor of Baby’s Namesake

  1. Jodi, Once again such a beautiful post and gesture of love. I’m sure both grandma’s will be very appreciative of your gift and the new baby as she becomes older will cherish your thoughtful gift. Love Gary


  2. What a beautiful sentiment, what a lovely way to welcome new life and what a lovely keepsake for the Grannies. Love and be loved. That has to be the magic remedy if only everyone would just embrace it. ❀️

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  3. This is the most beautiful of Sunflowers! A perfect addition to this baby girl’s room and for the proud Grandmother as well. How blessed that each will have one of a kind “Jodi’s”!! Your wondrous talents are only surpassed by your beautiful heart. Thank-you for sharing, as I LOVE sunflowers too!

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  4. It is beautiful Jodi. And there is something about the color yellow.. It feels so good. It is like a ray of hope and happiness.
    In this case I feel it is like a connection between many generations. .Loved the thought and the result of that thought..

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  5. There’s a way you painted this and it is hard to explain but it looks like the green leaves are “cupped” reaching out to cuddle and comfort the baby! ❀
    I love this way it came out so warm and special! I hope I commented on the yellow rose!
    I came here thinking to like your comment back to me. . . But don’t see that I made one. I truly try to go back on blogs to stay in touch. . . Hugs 🌻 xo

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