Autumn Art Sonnet

Autumn Art Sonnet.

I recently took my very first online art course at the gentle urging of my blogging friend Jill at Jill’s Art Journal.  Actually it is my first-ever any kind of art course.

The class was hosted on Carla Sonheim’s website and presented by the amazing Lendon Noe.  The short 2-week, 6-session class was on Meaning Making:  Inspired by Poetry.   They were short 20-minute recorded sessions that you could watch at your own pace and at a convenient time for you.

I LOVED it!  I learned so much from Lendon – about art, mixed media, poetry, and even about myself.

My first art love is watercolor, but I loved dabbling into the mixed media world.  And what fun it was to combine my love of words, writing, poetry, watercolor, and stamping.

In my art piece here, the lines are actually an artistic version of a Shakespearean sonnet, where verse is written in a pattern of AB AB CD CD EF EF GG.  You might notice that the lines are repeating in the same pattern.  I used a combination of Sumi Ink, Walnut ink, watercolor, water soluble pencil, and a splash of Dr. Ph Martin’s Iridescent Gold Ink.

I photocopied (directly on my photocopier) a sprig of burning bush leaves and berries from my front yard and gesso‘d it right on top of the “sonnet.”  I drew a trio of leaves directly onto the piece, stamped some patterns and words, and then “scribbled” a collection of autumn words on top with a Pilot Parallel Calligraphy pen.

I woke up early yesterday and created this piece after considering all the things I learned in the class.  It is my little mixed-media sonnet about Autumn.

The air is finally a bit crisp and cooler than it’s been in a long time this weekend. It is really feeling like Autumn.

And Autumn is quickly becoming one of my favorite times of year.  I wonder if it is because I am in the Autumn stage of life too…

Have a wonderful day – whatever season you are in or love.

Cheers & Hugs,

57 thoughts on “Autumn Art Sonnet

  1. I love your mixed media. It’s so much fun to combine supplies and the medium. I would say your teacher would be very proud. A new door has opened, I hope to see more of your mixed media soon.
    PS…would’nt it be great if our hair turned the color of leaves naturally as we enter into Autumn years.

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  2. Lovely piece and just shows beautifully how important it is for us to move away from what we love from time to time and experiment. I’m in Autumn flirting with Indian Summer but can’t quite commit – it’s lovely!

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  3. This is so cool! Very creative! Keep it up!
    I am beginning to enjoy Autumn more too. 🙂 Perhaps you are right about the reason!
    It was feeling more like Fall yesterday but warmer today and I hear that we could be looking at 80 degree temps this week again!

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    • Thanks C! I know – it is so gorgeous here today! Was 36 this morning, but so sunny and warm now. LOVING it! Supposed to eek up to 80 by wednesday here too! 🙂


  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed the class, Jodi!! 🎨👍 Your Autumn Sonnet is so beautiful! I especially like the splash of orange at the end! 🍂🍊I was also excited to see you combining several art mediums together for this piece. WOWZA!! You did AWEsome!! 🙌💕

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  5. hi Jodi, lovely page! do you how much i love art journal, glad you had you first course. it’s addicting ! i’m blogging again, i’ve a new site, i’ll be happy if you visit it! happy october yo you 🙂

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  6. So uniquely beautiful, Jodi! This is definitely one of a kind art. I like mixed art media but rarely have don’t it myself. I have only taken elementary art, middle school art and high school art.
    I sometimes feel art classes or tutorials online “influence me” too much.
    I think you were able to learn but “branch out.” (Autumn words 🍁) Great way to demonstrate original take on lessons!

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  7. I LOVE THIS! I love the idea of photocopying items directly onto the copier. I share your love on autumn and I’ve felt so motivated to create and be in good, healthy habits now that the weather is changing. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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  8. It’s really neat, and so creative. You’ve really grown so much in the short time I’ve been following you. I expect your art is only going to get better, and better. You have that “je ne sais quoi” that I don’t have with paint or poetry. I love to play with the paint, but read poetry. I do know my limits. 🙂

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  9. Firstly Jodi, well done for doing your first ever art course! Like you, watercolour is my first art love (and I’m still trying very hard to master it… ) but mixed media art is fascinating, so diverse and has so many avenues to explore – it’s great fun. I love your Autumn Art Sonnet – it has lots of lovely warm autumn colours, textures and patterns.


    • Thanks so much Beverly! I was so uncertain as it was my first – thought after sharing it – somebody wanted to purchase it that same day! What a great feeling!


  10. Jodi, I love this and it has a wonderful sense of Autumn – the mixed media works so well and each element stands out in its own right as well as blending perfectly. I hope you’re creating more works of art and will share them on your blog! 😃🍁

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  11. Good for you for venturing out of your comfort zone and learning some new styles! And isn’t it amazing how when we learn new ways to be creative, we also learn more about ourselves? You did a terrific job with this, Jodi! Keep up the good work!

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