LOVE is all you need

Love Heart Abstract Watercolor 11x14 140lb cold press

Love Heart Abstract Watercolor 11×14 140lb cold press

LOVE is all you need.

In these days of…
drug abuse,
social pressures,
revelations of sexual abuse allegations,
fights over politics,
disagreement over religion…

Can’t we simply

Why is it so hard…
to just Love?


Today is Sunday.
Our family will be gathering
to watch football
and eat together.

To me – that is love…
being together,
being there for each other,
spending time together,
supporting each other.

Let’s seek love
for ourselves,
for others,
and for the world.

Cheers & Hugs,

44 thoughts on “LOVE is all you need

  1. Jodi, As I read your post this early Sunday morning it motivated me to google the Beatle’s old classic song “All You Need is Love” . You and the Beatles are right on… Love truly is all we need….all the other stuff are just distractors within our society that sometimes get people off track for awhile. Love, Gary

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  2. Benjamin just requested that we come back to “My Jodi’s Heart” that we visited and left a comment on this morning. I must not have hit post, because it is missing and Benjamin is sad. So, I will try to recreate what he said – here it goes again. Benjamin and Gem love this beautifully painted heart. I told Benjamin that this post is all about the love in our hearts. He said: “I love My Jodi, and you, and Mommy, and Daddy. Gem, I just love everybody!” Perhaps we should all love more like toddlers. We Thank-you!! As Benjamin says on the last page of each book “The End!”

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    • Oh My Benjamin! How fortunate I am for your love ❀ And for your Gem! You keep thinking that way – you keep loving everybody – and I will too – and we will spread love! ❀


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