Let the Rain Fall

Goldfinch in the Rain - Autumn, Mars, PA

Goldfinch in the Rain – Autumn, Mars, PA

Let the Rain Fall.

I watched you as you sat proud and beautiful
while the rain fell on and around you.

You didn’t need
the sun to make you shine.

In fact,
you stood out even brighter in the cloudy drizzle.

And I was reminded
true beauty comes from within.

It can’t be soaked or drenched
or washed off.

It can’t be dampened or doused
by the storms of life.

Let the rain fall.
Let the storms crash.

And continue to shine
your authentic beautiful self.

Cheers & Hugs,

43 thoughts on “Let the Rain Fall

  1. This sweet little goldfinch was ready for his close-up amidst the raindrops. Teaches us the important life lesson that you so beautifully wrote about…shine where ever you find yourself! Thank-you!!

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  2. Such a lovely click. And such apt words: Nothing matters when the beauty lies within. The place, the circumstance, the surroundings, nothing. You just shine from within.. And people with the right tool (camera in this case) notice it and capture it for the sake of many others ( us, the readers , in this case).

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  5. Hey Jodi! Thanks for popping by my blog just now! I’m doing a talk to a very small audience on Sunday at an art gallery in Dunedin – about colour and my blog experience. If I get time may I share with them “Let the Rain Fall” photo and poem (which I would read aloud). I also intend to take my prized framed print of Buzz and show them! I won’t have internet so would be taking my stuff on laptop.

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