A Merry Grinchmas Celebration

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comA Merry Grinchmas Celebration.

As I sit by the fire late Christmas evening – basking in the warmth and glow of a wonderful Christmas holiday spent over the past week or so with many of those I love most, I feel so grateful.  The house is quiet, except for the dishwasher running, the fire crackling, and a holiday movie playing in the background.

I’m feeling peaceful and content.

There is nothing like the excitement leading up to Christmas, and I loved hosting three dinner parties three days in a row (and that’s not counting one the weekend before).  But there is also something very special too about the days that follow Christmas….

The calm afterglow…  The snuggling in…  The nesting…  Looking at pictures… Smiling at the memories.

Movies, books, leftovers, jammies…

Today, I want to share a fun party we had this past Saturday, the eve of Christmas eve, with our McHendy family.

My bestie, Jill and I decided we wanted to surprise our families with a theme, so we created a McHendy Grinchmas Celebration.

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comA Happy Whoville feast –

complete with Roast Beast (Beef Tenderloin),

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comWho Mash (Mashed Potatoes),

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comGrinch Greens (Sauteed Fresh Green Beans with garlic),

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comand Cindy Lou Who Salad (Crisp Greens, Tart Pomegranate Seeds, Crunchy Pecans, and Creamy Goat Cheese).

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comThis feast was preceded by some fun appetizers earlier in the day, including Grinchy Green Deviled Eggs,

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comGrinch Santa Hats,

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comand a Tortilla Wrap Christmas Tree.

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comAnd it was followed by a tiered tray of Grinchmas Cookies,

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comand plenty of other sweet treats.

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comEach guest received a little favor bucket that included a green ornament with a tiny red heart and lime green and red candies,

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comas well as a Grinch beanie hat (which we all wore for a fun family photo – with the exception of hubby who wore a full furry Grinch onesie!)

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comThe games planned took a different twist than intended, but ended up being just as fun!

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comThere were sleigh rides and races,

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comI Spy the Who Hash,

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comand boxed games around the cleared dinner table.

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comGuests of honor

adorned the powder room and office doors.

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comAnd as we ate and played and talked and laughed and cried, we celebrated being family in every true, authentic sense of the word.  And we reminded ourselves that “Merry Christmas doesn’t come from the store.  Maybe Christmas perhaps is a little bit more.”

Grinchmas Feast Christmas Party - TheCreativeLifeinBetween.comCheers & Hugs,

64 thoughts on “A Merry Grinchmas Celebration

  1. Jodi, WOW….You guys are so creative. These dinner placing photos, décor and food presentations need to be in a top House Décor Magazine or be on the Chew or some other TV Program, They are so impressive !! You should forward them to one of those organizations….I am sure they would pick up on it and include hem in one of there magazines or shows! Luv Gary

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    • Aww! Thanks Margaret. My bestie Jill is my theme party partner in crime. She is the most creative of all – and together we have so much fun creating themes and making our kids crazy. LOL! We’ve been partnering together for almost 30 years – were homeroom moms together way back when, did craft shows together – so many wonderful shared memories.

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  2. “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than YOU!”- Dr. Seuss. I truly believe that Dr. Seuss knows you (and Jill)! I am totally “borrowing” this for next Christmas, have already put it into my notebook and will archive this post!! My oldest daughter is the biggest Grinch lover and will be in Grinch heaven. Thank-you (both)!!

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  3. This is so cute Jodi!! My son and I decided we want to change up our family Christmas party by having the guests adhere to a Christmas movie theme, and you have really got me thinking! Everything is too cute!! I know you had a ball!! We had to spend the day madly de Christmasing so we can head back to the coast for some peace and quiet, but first there is the Sugar Bowl, so no rest for the weary yet…I swear I am going to do nothing for a week come Jan 2!! I love all the props you and Jill made, so creative and fun fabulous!

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    • un-Christmasing is such a drag, yet also refreshing. I’ll wait until after New Year. A Movie Theme each year is a great idea! Who knows what we will do next year – LOL! fun to plan for. How was the Sugar Bowl?


    • My granddaughter and I are still having fun with the sleigh racers inside since there is not enough snow outside and the temperatures are super cold this week – single digits F. And hubby in the onesie through us all over the top. LOL! I had bought him it for a joke back on his birthday before we even thought about the theme – then when we were getting ready for the group photo, he disappeared for a few mins and came out in full Grinch. A good sport! Surprised us all.


      • Yes.. India is a country in South east india.. My work is featured in two books i am grateful to be a published author. Agra is a city in northern india.. It is the proud home of Taj mahal.. One of the seven wonders of the world. Where are you from! Would love to know about it

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      • Wow. Interesting! I am from the United States in a small town named Mars (like the planet!!) 😉 very close to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It is a wonderful place to live.


  4. You throw the most amazing parties! It all looks fabulous!
    And I agree about the days between Christmas and New Year’s. They are special in their own right, with not quite so much to do. The down time is much appreciated, and allows us to enjoy the tree, the music and each other at a much slower pace.


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