36 thoughts on “Let Each New Sunrise

  1. This may well be my most favorite of all my favorites! These words need to be printed, framed and placed where they can be seen every morning. Sunrise was filled with sun and promise, but it became quite soggy by the afternoon. Benjamin and I donned raincoats and boots to bid a sad farewell to our beloved Mr. Snowy out on my deck. He hugged him and told him “I miss you already”. Poor Benjamin watched Mr. Snowy’s slow demise from my kitchen sink, until it was little more than a pile of mush with accessories. He is hoping that Mr. Snowy will return the next time it snows, “just like Frosty”! Sadly, Winter Storm Hunter is all wind and rain here. Maybe Mr. Snowy is on his way to Mars! Thank-you!

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Ellen!! I can just see Benjamin hugging Mr Snowy. Oh that tender heart of his!!! ❤ Wait until you two see what Charlie posted today!!!


    • we are enjoying it! though it is a bit cold out this morning…. -6 F – charlie and I bundled up and trekked to the mailbox to get the paper – we have a 1/4 mile long driveway. That was enough of a walk in this temp! 🙂 Warm fire today!

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