Blue Reflections

Blue Reflections Watercolor – Cerulean and Indigo – 11×14 140lb cold press

Blue Reflections.

Baby boys turned into men.
The future in my granddaughter’s eyes.
The color of the ice caps over Mount Denali.
The color of the sea in St. Marten.
Scoring Boardwalk and Park Place in Monopoly.
Moonlight and starlight in the forest.
Dipping soft sable hair into cerulean and indigo watercolor.
Blue reflections creating magic.

I so enjoyed creating this watercolor painting! I splashed a bit and walked away for a while. I came back and added some more, and walked away again.Β  And then I did it again.Β  It was so exciting to come back and see what magic happened, and I so love how it turned out.Β  When I look at it, I think blue…. and memories flood my heart.

And I smile.

Cheers & Hugs,

69 thoughts on “Blue Reflections

    • Dena!!! Once again – you made my day with your touching comment! You feel me! You recognize the effort I put into both the words and the painting – the feelings – the emotions. Thank you!!!!

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  1. Blue-tiful painting and reflections! What you have created with a brush, two shades of blue paint, and water on paper is beyond fantabulous! Thank-you! P.S. Benjamin, being as predictable about color as I am about food, says : “It is a pretty blue picture, can my Jodi do orange too?”

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  3. This is absolutely professional, dear Jodi! It has a dreamy, early evening feeling. Maybe “tones of twilight” would suit it. See, this is a mark of a beautiful piece of art when I get to naming it! Lol πŸ’ž

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