Happy Endings

Winter Sunset, Mars, PA – January 2018 – “Happy Endings”

Happy Endings.

The magical beauty
of a sunset
at the end of the day…

no matter how hard
or cold or uncomfortable
the day…

renews my faith
in the possibility
of happy endings.

Cheers & Hugs,


50 thoughts on “Happy Endings

    • well – thank you Kathryn – I am taking a bow – LOL! Isn’t it a beautiful site?! This is actually from the end of our long driveway out on the road looking back towards our house – which is in the dark trees below the sunset. It was such a magical site, it made me feel so privileged to experience it.

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    • Awww ☺️. Thanks. I take a photo I love and ponder on it- sometimes a few minutes and sometimes a few days. Sometimes a thought comes to me while walking or in the shower. Lol. Thank you for the sweet comment!


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