Snow at Daybreak

Snow at Daybreak – Mars, PA – January 2018

Snow at Daybreak.

I stumble through
the early morning darkness
heading to the kitchen
for that first cup of coffee
to help prop open
my bleary eyes.

On my way,
I flip the switch
that turns on
the flood light
shining out
into the backyard.

What could be
more beautiful
than bright white
fluffy snowflakes
fluttering down
on a cold January morning?

Snow at Daybreak.

Cheers & Hugs,

53 thoughts on “Snow at Daybreak

  1. Amazing poem reflecting the beauty of winter on a cold January morning! Your location in PA reminds me of a contest held by a local newspaper in my German hometown when I was a teenager. The winner in the contest, where nobody was expected to win, was offered a free trip to Mars. As it turned out there was a winner. So the newspaper management was searching all the maps in the world (there was no Internet in hose days), until they found Mars and could grant the prize to the winner.

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    • It was from a few mornings ago. The snow melted yet again, and it hit 50+ degrees yesterday, but it will come back… and I will enjoy the warmth for now and the snow when it returns 🙂


  2. Snowfall is lovely and I always try to step out (often on the way to work) with my head leaning back and tongue ready to catch at least a few melting snowflakes! Your view is nice and makes me miss snow days from my teaching days! 🌨 ❄ ⛄

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      • Luckily our ski mountain (25 miles west) here has plenty of snow and has been open since Thanksgiving! We’ve been getting rain-shadow (or in this case, snow-shadow) where the mountains stop the precipitation and we stay high and dry! It’s a real meteorological phenomena.

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  3. I always feel like Santa is coming with the falls. You know that pent up feeling of excitement and butterflies. Little flakes, big fluffy flakes, look up and the snow is mesmorizing and hypnotizing, and oh so quiet. Takes me back to my skiing days, first tracks on the slopes. We got 2 1/2″ Tuesday, then 3-4″ of rain all day, most of the snow melted away, then woke up Thursday to 3-4″ everything blanketed in white, the trees, nearly all the green leaves out of site, and the bushes looked liked little snowmen everywhere. Today we have about 2″ left on the deck and rails, but its gone from the trees, everything is green and brown again and I hear the crows, and the turkeys, and lots of dripping and thumping of the snow takings its leave. It’s 46° now. Soon it will all be a memory. But wonderfull while it lasted. Your architectural window is beautiful and you so captured the moment. And the experience of snow at daybreak! Incredible photo, and your words for conjuring up the moment, in what does NOT show in a photograph.

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    • Thanks Dena! It is so mesmerizing and hypnotizing! Good description! And such a magical sight to wake up to. It was a challenge to capture what I saw with my eyes with the camera, but this came pretty close. I’m so glad you enjoyed. And thank you for appreciating the words too. I try to challenge myself to make a photo and the words equally interesting or engaging.

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  4. Snow falls are super special for me. Living in Australia, you don’t get to see much of it, but on our recent trip to France to spend time with my family, we had the delight to see it falling gently in the Pyrenees and then the Alps. It is quiet and magical. You captured this well in the photo and in your words, Jodi. Thanks for taking me back… Chris

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