Take Flight

Take Flight.

Take flight
the turquoise sea,

the pink and golden

your wings
and soar so high,

guide your heart.

the feelings
that you get

when you are

Cheers & Hugs,

Just some words and feelings that came to mind when looking at this 5-minute practice painting I did one day experimenting with techniques.

What did I do?  I dropped in some granulating colors – lunar black and quinacridone gold to a wash of alizarin crimson.  I then splashed in some creamy white gouache to create a soft, but dramatic sunset sky.  I scraped in some flying sea gulls with a couple simple scrapes of a palette knife.  I blended cobalt teal with a dab of prussian blue and splashed in some more creamy white gouache.  I then splashed some drops of water from a mister bottle and dropped in just a couple flakes of sea salt.    I then walked away and waited for the magic to happen…. (the hardest part of all).


52 thoughts on “Take Flight

  1. Wow. It seems like you had a hectic five minutes during which you created your painting. I really like your choice of colors and the way that you show us that it is not always necessary to have lots of details to establish a mood. Your beautiful words complement the painting so well and allow us also to take flight for a brief moment.

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  2. I like it! At my first glance I figured you were testing your skills at abstract art. Then, after reading your blog title, I thought that you were trying to depict an air plane leveling off after takeoff with various sections of it showing thru the sky at sunset. Then after reading your detailed process I realized that the black-gray areas in the sky were actually meant to be birds. But, isn’t most art from famous artists often left up to intepretation. That’s what makes art interesting. Remember the days as a kid, laying on the grass and looking up to the puffy clouds in the sky. You would visualize certain things from the cloud shapes while your friends may visualize something else. The mind works in interesting and different ways by different people when looking at various things. That’s what makes life interesting. Gary

    On Feb 12, 2018 6:02 AM, “the creative life in between” wrote:

    > Jodi posted: ” Take Flight. Take flight above the turquoise sea, amidst > the pink and golden sky. Stretch your wings and soar so high, let freedom > guide your heart. Embrace the feelings that you get when you are creating > art. Cheers &” >

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  3. Wow how fun was that! What ever gave you the prompt for that experiment ? So glad you detailed that, I felt like (just for me). Haha. The gouache does it slow the spreading motion ? It does make pretty pastel. I just purchased some new Daniel Smith colors, cant wait to play with them. My local Hallmark store is 1/2 art store, its so wonderful, and every year (Feb1) they have 1 day 50% sale on Daniel Smith. This year I purchased some experiementing colors.
    Rose of Ultramarine (red/blue, purple seperation color) like you don’t know what your going to get). Very different.
    Cascade Green a (blue/turq seperation), and. Loving this one
    Sugilite a sparkly version of ? Sodalight ? My guess.
    Lavender (blue periwinkle),
    cobalt violet (pinky) and granulates like crazy, very similiar to Wisteria but very different characteristics
    cobalt violet deep (purple color) and granulates like crazy
    Mayan Red. (Kind of peachy, or coral but RED). Loving this one
    Mayan blue kinds of peacock, prussian lovely shade of dark blue
    Red Fuchite. (Not so impressed yet). I have Fuchite (aqua green color so transparent with amazing glitter qualities, like buff and shugilite. I was hoping Red Fuchilte would be similar, but not at all. The color is similiar to potter pink and/ or Indian red, there is a glittery to it, but its sparce. I’ll have to see if kneading the paint tube gives me better results.
    Boardeau a deep red wine colour, very similiar to Napth Maroon but not as dull, much brighter.
    I’m watching my grandaughters in the Bay Area 1 hour plus from San Francisco, so won’t be playing for another week, but so much to look forward to. It’s a week of Board Games. Jr high, and Hi School activities.
    Would you tell me again what color and brand your gouche is, I can probably find it here because shopping centers are everywhere here. I have Michaels, Jo-Annes and a Hobby Lobby all in 15 minutes here!

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    • Wow Dena! You have me so intrigued with these colors!!! I have none of them, but you have me tempted to get a few now! Do you share your art anywhere that I could see? I wish I had an art store nearby that sold DS paint. I typically just order from Amazon. That is great your Hallmark is half art store. LOVE THAT! The gouache I have is Winsor Newton. I am having so much fun using it with watercolor!


  4. What color white is it? Titatium, zinc, permanent??? No dont usually post. I’ll let you know once I play with them. I think you would love the cascade green. It just washes and seperates so beautifully. Great for mermaids, turtles, oceans, and backgrounds, as well as leaves. I’m not sure how I’ll use the Rose of ultramarin yet, I did a simple loose flower, its lovely, but I’m sure there is so much more you can use it in. I’m usually not big on high granulated colors, but those 2 have facinated. In fact I dont care for ultramarine blue, it seperates out and the color always gives me a depressed feeling, like a gloomy day. So I’m changing to cobalt blue. Not sure why it does that, I have some vision issues, in part colorblindness toward green I think, not much but, I don’t think I see colors the same as everyone else. Since I noticed this, a few years ago, I started studying colors, and using some I didn’t like. I’m also using perylene green, instead of deep sap green, I like whatever the undertone in it, much better and I found out you just never use it by itself, add purple, indian red, or ochre.

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    • Good question on the white. I had to go look. I have “permanent.” So impulsive am I – I just ordered Cascade Green, Mayan Red, and Cobalt Violet. I am so intrigued by granulating colors. I adore perylene green. Learned about it through Andrew Geeson videos. Oh how I’d love to see your work Dena. If you have any to share, you could email me at mckinneyjodi@gmail.com. 🙂

      Sounds like you will be busy with the grands, which seem to be teens! My granddaughter is already 14 months – and she is going to be a big sister in a few months to another baby girl 🙂 ssshhh!


  5. Enjoy as much time as you can with them. 14 years go in a flash. They are into to friends and phones etc now, not so much the Nana. I put your email in my contacts. Let me know how you like those colors. I have Quin coral and I’m hoping the Mayan red compliments it. I know perylene green is wonderful. I just signed up for classes with Andy Geeson! (Christmas Gift from my mother in law)

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