Broken Road

Cranberry Township, PA – March 2018

Broken Road.

It can be easy
to breeze through life
when you are cruising along
on the wide open, straight path of the highway.

But often times
it is the bumps and dips and obstacles
on the broken roads
that lead to the best and most beautiful things in life.

Cheers & Hugs,

42 thoughts on “Broken Road

  1. Totally agree with you Jodi. Unexpected obstacles and bumps along the road of life, can open our eyes to explore new avenues and to become all the more stronger to cope with life’s challenges and to adjust our way of living and to accept change when necessary to continue to travel positively down the highway of life. Luv, Gary

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  2. So nicely said. Love to read what your other readers add too. Cool photo Fineally made pound cake – all your fault. We are starting to get snow again, feel like meatloaf for dinner. Will check if you ever posted a recipe. Thanks for the lovely thoughts.

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    • So funny as I just made meatloaf a few days ago. First time in forever. Haven’t posted a recipe for it but just might have to one day. Oh how I want pound cake now! Won’t be surprised if I end up baking lol


      • I haven’t made meatloaf in 10 years, probably. Funny we sometimes seem to be on a similiar wave lenghth. The painting you did on an Iris, I had painted an Iris day before or same day 2-17-18. Timing of some of your posts are too coincidental, the universe seems to call & provide. I wish I had pretty little colorful birds like yours. We have a few birds, but they dull, or black. Have yet to find a colorful one. But we do have beautiful butterflys, and I’m seeing them already and small fuzzy caterpillars at the same time ? Last week. ? Confusing me. Highly recommend the pound cake. Melts in your mouth. I made Almond flavor this time. No need for strawberrys & whip cream. Very moist & very light for pound cake.

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  3. I’m sorry you’re experiencing a bit of rough road right now. But I do agree with this sentiment, it is in times like these that we tend to grow, to discover our hidden strengths and we do not come away from these experiences unchanged. And personally, in tough times it has always helped me to realize just how many people care and are willing to offer support. Please know that I am one of those people for you!

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  4. I emailed you the Iris, cant remeber purple I used, or yellow, I wrote down colors Rachael McNaughten used but of course, I didnt have those colors. I also sent you pound cake recipe in case you need one, its not mine, but its really good.

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  5. It is not easy, this life we endure and yet, it beats the alternative!! Loved this photo, Jodi! 🕊️ 🙏 Rascal Flatts makes me smile when they sing God bless the broken road. 🎶🎸


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