Tiny interesting choices

Tiny Interesting Japonica blooms, Mars, PA – April 2018

Tiny interesting choices.

Take wrong turns.  Talk to strangers.
Open unmarked doors.  And if you see a
group of people in a field, go find out
what they are doing. Do things without
always knowing how they’ll turn out.
You’re curious and smart and
bored, and all you see is the choice
between working hard and slacking off.
There are so many adventures that you
miss because you’re waiting to think of
a plan.  To find them, look for tiny
interesting choices.  And remember that
you are always making up the
future as you go,

Randall Munroe

Isn’t this great advice?!

Remember there is more to life than just working hard or slacking off…. there is so much “in between.”

Cherish those moments!

Look for those tiny interesting choices that are making up your future… your life.

Cheers & Hugs,

39 thoughts on “Tiny interesting choices

  1. Jodi, I’m so glad that I stopped and read this post. You’ve no idea how much I needed it. I’m not in a good place, and you have helped me this morning.
    — When the Randall Munroe passage ended with “And remember that
    you are always making up the future as you go..”
    Well, let’s just say I needed that.
    Sharing at Facebook and everywhere. Hugs! ❤

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    • I’m so very happy it helped you today teagan. It is why i share. Hang in. Hang on. I’m in a transitional place myself. Let’s not focus energy on past negatives but tiny interesting choices we can make to create our future! Cherish all the moments in between!!

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  2. The Japonica blooms are lovely, as is your post. I was so pleasantly surprised to see these words of Randall Munroe from his book “xkcd : volume 0”. I love his words “look for tiny interesting choices”. My oldest daughter has been a fan of his xkcd cartoons, books, etc. since his early days. I purchased his book “Thing Explainer” for her when it was first published and then I read both books. “Life is the sum of all your choices” – Albert Camus. Why not make some of them tiny interesting choices? Thank-you!

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  3. I agree. I have learned now more than ever ro live and embrace life each day. Although I do have a tentative plan for each day i have become alot more spontaneous and much more flexible in what I do. I embrace meetimg new people and learning howcto do new things.

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  4. I ‘swallowed my fears’ once, Jodi, and ‘jumped right in’… and had a fabulous time. I felt silly when I first jumped, but it worked. I think the strangers were more taken aback than I was, but they didn’t mind my ‘intrusion’ (or so it seemed – as one of my Inner Voices keeps telling me now!)
    I have a yoyo confidence level, which doesn’t really help – but it is well worth having a go.


  5. This poem was me yesterday. I worked and worked at the farm until my hips were aching. Then as I looked up and saw Finn laying in the sun, it occurred to me that I could simply go sit with him and rest. It was bliss.

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