A Time For Change

A Time for Change – Abstract in Taupe 18×24 on Stretched Canvas

A Time for Change – Abstract in Taupe.

I’ve been working on this abstract acrylic painting on a stretched canvas for a few weeks.

I am having so much fun with this new medium.  It is such a liberating experience and also such a challenge.

Before ever painting, I would have thought works of art like this were “easy!”  Slap and splash some paint on a canvas and call it art.


If you’ve never tried, I challenge you to.

There really is more to it than you realize.

Composition…. Point of interest…  Balance….

But really when it all comes down to it…. Are you happy with it?  Do you like it?  Does it make you feel good?  Evoke emotions?

I have to admit…. This piece has been through so many iterations, I couldn’t decide if it was done.  I couldn’t decide if it was “worthy” to share.  I felt like I liked it, but I doubted myself, so I sent a picture of it to my youngest son, and asked:  “What are your thoughts?”

He liked it, but he reminded me I should not need affirmation of my own art.

How humbling is it when your kids have to remind you of how to be a confident adult?

And then again, what pride do we feel when our kids remind us of how to be a confident adult?

So here is my latest abstract – A Time for Change.

And I like it!

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  This original painting is available (only one – no prints) at our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY shop if you like it too.

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63 thoughts on “A Time For Change

  1. A painting like that is interesting and I do like it however, I have 2 issues with it (which is simply my perspective of course and not to be considered critical):
    – the overall painting is out of balance, being heavy on the right side.
    – I don’t like conflicting styles. Here you have broad splashes of colour … and a “spindly pseudo” writing style.
    The painting in general evokes an image of a sail boat on a lake, with a town in the background … with all the expected reflections in the water. The “pseudo writing” then becomes little more than graffiti on an expressionist painting.

    Of course there are people who will say, quite honestly, that they love the painting for exactly those reasons! Your son gave you best response, because the only opinion that should really matter is yours! 🙂

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  2. This is amazing, Jodi! Your son is so right…you taught him well and it’s a proud moment when our children teach us. You shouldn’t need approval from us, but yourself. I can relate..sometimes I feel that way with my writing and don’t have the confidence to post until I’ve cross checked it continuously. Here’s to confidence and finding our way while creating beautiful artwork!

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  3. You know Jodi, I see this and I think to myself, “God is expanding Jodi’s borders.” And if He is doing it in art, He is likely doing it in life! Wish we lived close enough to grab a cup of coffee…I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

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    • Oh Kathy. What a beautiful thing to say and so true as I recently lost my job in a corporate restructure and am starting a new career next Monday. It was sad, but now I am excited for my new adventure. How I would love that coffee with you. Hugs from mars and thank you for your support Kathy.

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  4. Benjamin, The Toddler Art Critic, says : “I like when My Jodi doesn’t stay inside the lines!” Sometimes this boy is quite, unknowingly, profound. I was quite amazed reading Colin’s comment, Benjamin sees a boat too! I must agree with you, Art is indeed subjective. Your son had an excellent teacher and it would appear that he was not only “listening” but “hearing” too. As parents, that in itself is an accomplishment. It is a pleasure to watch you explore and expand your talent, please continue and share. Of course, I have a quote : “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton. Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Oh that Benjamin! You are so special buddy!!! Hugs to you in gratitude for your sweetness! Love that quote Ellen. It is so true!! Thanks for making my day again!! Love you both! 😉❤️


      • Benjamin has been very busy today, seated at my old wood school desk with a sketch pad and crayons. Every so often a page was torn off, crumpled and tossed inside the desk. I have asked to see his work and “Not yet, Gem” has been his response. A bit ago he came with the pad and said : “See Gem, I am an artist too!” On the right side are many strokes of many colors, on the left are some black squiggles on an orange background. I told him that I liked his “art” and that it was very good. Benjamin said, in a most serious tone : “I know, it’s a abtrack!” My refrigerator now displays the original Abtrack by Benjamin!

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      • Sorry for yet another intrusion. Benjamin wanted to know if you put your picture on your refrigerator. I told him no, that someone bought yours. “WOW! Gem, did you bought mine?” We are currently negotiating the price, Abtracks do not come cheaply!

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  5. Good Morning, Your painting today has so much to say, I like how the center color is spilling out where the lines meet.
    If you like your painting and it brought you joy in the process that is all that matters, everyone else’s opinions don’t change any of your experiences. Sharing your art is truly your honest self. And, little Benjamin says it all, that is you always!!

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  6. Your son is correct, I am having to relearn that every single day! I love the fact that you are venturing into abstract painting and enjoying it! For some reason I think of the expanse of an ocean view in your painting. You ate correct, abstract painting can be far more challenging than one would imagine. It can be also disconcerting and soul wrenching and yet so rewarding! ❤️

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  7. Jodi, I just read to my wife (also artist and amateur photographer) the advice your youngest son gave you. She is like you and often asks other people of their opinion on her art work. If you like your creation, why ask for affirmation?

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  8. A great abstract Jodi. And your son is right – we shouldn’t need approval from others with our art. But self confidence with our art doesn’t always come naturally and it’s hard not to care what others think. I’ve always loved abstract art and I think you’ve created some interesting lines and textures – well done!

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  9. I see a little Lendon Noe influence here, perhaps? 😃 I like how it is off balance. The scribbly writing on the left makes me look further and wonder if I can read it. ☺️ I’m glad you are experimenting in different art mediums and having fun! I struggle with the affirmation thing too, glad your son encouraged you and you sold your painting too! WHOOT!! 🎨👍

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  10. I like it, too, and am glad that you are continuing to stretch your wings artistically. And even though I couldn’t produce a decent painting to save my life, I do understand what you are saying. The same thing applies to a piece of writing. I try something new, struggle with the process, change this and that, but in the end, the question is simply: do I like it? And if the answer is yes, then that is good enough!

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  11. Well my goodness Jodi. A really raw & Noisy revealing picture of a struggle to make sense of the things conflicting, coliding, sliding into your sense of well being. That struggle between Left Brain, Right Brain thinking, always a bit of conflict, compromise and coming together in some sort of harmony which might be Jazz, not Classical. There is room for it all, including subjective feelings on art. Niether are right or wrong. A flood that devastates and is to hard to watch, or a waterfall thats too wonderous to behold. I spotted the just off balance, so close to equal but just a subtle bit off. I knew it needs to be there, where’s your conflict in a good story without it. The left side very bland, neutral only a hint here or there of some color, very restrictive to the balance of that half. The right side full of shapes & color, so much color it piled up, like somthing was attenpting to confine it, more build up, more build up, but no matter what it didn’t turn muddy, its possible it’s even available for use (maybe secretly stockpiled even). If it were not for the words on the left (your writing) who’d go there? Grafitti maybe as their is no poetry or words that make sense, but they speak volumnes, it’s movement, it’s a movement & it’s protest, or can be leaning to harmony. I think you choose your son to evaluate your efforts, because he would repeat back to you the very values that make you special, & the things you took so seriously to instill in those you love. My overativetive analytical & imagination please take with a grain of salt, but like Colin’s brave and wise observations concrete what your intentions and the lesson learned are so much more valueable. I would say, you have both your own validation & public validation for all those things you are seeking. And all is as they should be. You have a very beautiful & wise group here including Benjimamin who can be most profound at times. Blessings Jodi, so glad I found you.

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    • Oh Dena – I don’t know how I became so fortunate to have you here sharing so much insight and taking the time to share your feelings on this! This means so much to me – you cannot even know. Wow! I love how your words help make sense of my brain as I painted this but didn’t know why or how. I just did…. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to say and share this!!!!! ❤

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  12. I like this lots. The colors especially, and the way they cross.
    I only tried painting in one time in my life, about 25+ years ago. I had an idea of something to make for my son’s birthday that is abstract, plus collage. It looks like a very expressive, free way to go

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    • Yes! It is so hard not to want that affirmation! But oh to hear your child say that means you’ve done well raising them and instilling confidence, so have it yourself, Mom! LOL! Thanks for visiting!


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