Christmas in July

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree in My Little Red Wagon – 11×14 Watercolor

Christmas in July.

Today is July 31, 2018, and it is the last day of #WorldWatercolorMonth 2018.

And even though I’m wearing shorts and the air conditioning is on, I’m starting to think about Christmas.

Just a teensy bit.

Christmas is such a fun time to create art.

I chose to use my little girl character created for this paintingΒ (inspired by my first granddaughter) to feature in this first Christmas watercolor for 2018.

My oldest daughter-in-law and I are starting to think about what we are going to create for fall and the holidays for our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy shop and Berry Vine Gifts and the big Mars Fall Craft Show this year.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with and sharing it here.

I’m looking forward to another Christmas, but with TWO granddaughters in our family this year!!

I’m looking forward to finding time for art.

I’m grateful to Charlie O at Doodlewash for hosting #WorldWaterColorMonth again this year and for honoring me wth the privilege of being a World Watercolor Month Artist Ambassador.Β  (Today is your last chance to purchase the souvenier pouch that supports the Dreaming Zebra FoundationΒ in giving art supplies to underprivileged children throughout the world!)

I’m grateful for your visit here today.

Cheers & Hugs,

38 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. What a wonderful painting, Jodi. Congratulations on the end of World Watercolor Month. I am enjoying summer so much that Christmas is not yet on my radar. I look forward to seeing more of your cool creations as we move through the seasons.

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  2. This is so cute! Christmas is on my mind already too. Shhh, don’t tell #1 Grandson but, I’m already shopping for him.

    ^5!for creating so many lovely paintings this month!

    BTW- I LOVE MY Pouch! It’s filled with my favorite make-up rather than paints. I love seeing that little bird while I apply my make-up.

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  3. Benjamin and I were “adventuring” again today, but the rising humidity and threatening rain sent us scurrying home without many “treasures” in the backpack. We have now started to go through some of the mail stuffing my inbox. Benjamin spied one from “My Jodi”! He was a bit perplexed about the painting of a Christmas Tree, until I read the post to him. He thinks the little girl with the wagon is “so cute”! Benjamin wants me to : “Tell My Jodi, I am a painter now too!” He has taken to watercolor like a fish to water, he loves splashing color around : “It’s lots more fun than crayons!” Thank-you x 2!!

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    • HI Ellen! This is adorable about Benjamin dabbing into watercolor! I agree with Jodi, would love to see some of his creations!
      I also wanted to say if you could please send me your correct email address, I am not sure if you got my last 2 emails. I have something very special to send you but I need your mailing address. Thank you!!


  4. Oh, I imagine Christmas at your home will be extra sweet this year with TWO granddaughters! πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’— So happy for you! 😊
    If Colleen is looking for cute sign ideas, have her check out and go to home decor. I get their newsletter and they always have such fun signs. I like the one they have that allows you to attach photos to it. This would be a great idea for attaching Christmas card photos or sweet grandbaby photos! πŸ˜‰ wink wink!

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