Rolling Down the River

Woodland River and Bridge 11×14 Watercolor

Rolling Down the River.

A rare landscape watercolor
I created of a river
in a wooded landscape
with a rusty old bridge
inspired by a photo shared with me
of the Clackamus River in Oregon.

Cheers & Hugs,

#mckinneyx2designs #etsy

53 thoughts on “Rolling Down the River

  1. So beautiful, the softness of the style adds a dreamlike quality to the landscape. This really could be Anywhere, U.S.A.! It reminds me of a small stream that had a rusty old bridge crossing it, near my childhood home in southeastern Pa., from which we went fishing. It also reminds me of a spot here in Rhode Island. Benjamin says : “My Daddy and I go fishing on that bridge!” Their favorite place for “catch and release fun” in Mass. looks just like your painting too! Thank-you!

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