The Other Side of the Door

Garden Gate Door Watercolor 11×14

The Other Side of the Door.

What lies behind
the other side of the door?

Do we dare open?
Or do we just imagine?

Do we take a chance?
Or are we too afraid?

Are we content to simply embrace the beauty on this side?
Or do we take the chance to experience even more?

Do we…

Open our mind?
Open our heart?
Open our eyes?
Open our souls?

To what lies behind
the other side of the door.

Cheers & Hugs,


36 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Door

  1. Open it. Its very Christmassy the wreath on the door is inviting. Go in for more hospitality kindness & maybe even Jodi’s famous cookies & hot cocoa. Your water color is lovely. And your poems… Well always a wonderment & full of suprises.

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  2. I love the way your painting made the door look so inviting! Sadly, we’ve all been afraid of what’s on the “other side of the door” far too often, and who knows what opportunities have been lost as a result? Great post, Jodi!

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