The privilege of a lifetime…

“The privilege of a lifetime…
is being who you are.”

– Joseph Campbell

Even when things
don’t seem clear
and you struggle
to see through the fog…
remember what a privilege
it is
to Be YOU!

Cheers & Hugs,

Things are a bit “foggy” in my part of the world today…  Yesterday, October 27, 2018,  a mass shooting occurred in a community very near me in Pittsburgh, PA.  The gunman reportedly spewed anti-Semitic threats online shortly before opening fire inside a synagoge during a Sabbath day service killing 11 innocent Jewish people.  Apparently they were killed just because they were being who they were.  This horrifyingly wicked individual felt he could deny these fellow human beings the privilege to be who they were.  I already had this post scheduled ahead to post for today, and I was suprised to realize how relevant and timely it became to talk about what a true privilege it really is to be who we are.  A privilege ALL people deserve.


66 thoughts on “The privilege of a lifetime…

  1. Three things come together in your great post: the poem with its appeal to be true to yourself, the fog in the photo symbolizing our chaotic world and the text that connects it all to the horrible event in Pittsburgh.

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  2. JODI…years ago I remember asking my Mother “how should I be?” and her
    answer was “Just be yourself”. The problem there was I didn’t know who I was. Perhaps I still don’t know. Time is running out so I better find out soon.

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    • Thanks Evelyn. I stopped on my way to work one day last week to capture this shot, and then scheduled this post, and then this horrific incident happened. We must keep BEing and we must keep loving and not let hate win.

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  4. Great photo, Lovely poem. Truth is the privilege is not so easy for some, a 5 year old little boy got chastised by his classmates because he wore red nail polish to school. 20 years ago no one age 5 could wear nail polish to school or put a blue streak in his hair. 10 years ago no could wear green nail polish anywhere except a Halloween party. These unacceptance injustices erode Our society. Then you wonder why someone can have so much hate. Or last weeks mail bombings. Many people are coming together to have a this week be a brainstorm for ways to get more love & kindness & tolerance in this world. Blessing to you for contributing to getting the ball rolling.

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  5. Intellectually, we know that this could happen anywhere. Emotionally, we believe that it could happen anywhere, but not in our own anywhere…until it does. I would usually offer one of the many quotes that come to mind, but they seem inadequate at best. Instead I offer the “you” word used in three of the best ways, whether giving or receiving. I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU can never be repeated too often or heard enough. I also rather like GOD BLESS YOU, or simply BLESS YOU works too.

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