Stopped me in my Tracks

Things that have stopped me in my tracks…

This breathtaking scene along the road as I traveled home from a friend’s on a cold, rainy, otherwise-dreary day.

Watching and listening with deep admiration to Hubby deliver a heartfelt eulogy to his beloved aunt.

The unexpected, far-beyond-her-years empathetic eyes and hugs and words of a special 11-year old girl paying her respects at a funeral visitation.

The sweetest, kindest, most undeserved compliment made by my younger daughter-in-law over dinner.

The smell of my baby granddaughter’s head after annointment with the oil of chrism at her baptism.

The startling reality of what a powerful, important influence I have as a grandma to a precious two-year old.

Cheers & Hugs,

38 thoughts on “Stopped me in my Tracks

  1. Your lovely thoughts on what stopped you in your tracks are a bit different from my own. My Autumn attack against fallen leaves started back in October. Many days of small battles had been executed, with limited success. White Oaks tend to hold their leaves, only slowly dropping them onto the yard and wind carries the neighbors’ leaves downhill into my yard. Time was now pressing, the town will only pick-up leaves to the end of November. I astutely concocted a battle plan by enlisting the assistance of my son-in-law with his mega blower to attack with force on Nov.17th, but Mother Nature countered in the form of Winter Storm Avery’s 6 inches of snow Nov.15th, effectively blanketing and protecting the leaves. On Monday, with Benjamin’s assistance, I raked and bagged 16 bags of wet and frozen leaves. He is better at scattering than bagging! But leaves and time continued waging their own war against me. On Saturday, all alone except for my determination, I went out in the early morning with my trusty rake for the final assault. Repeating my mantra, at first in my head and then out loud “YOU can do it”, I bravely soldiered on. As dusk was falling my mantra became “YOU will do it” and as darkness descended around me, I DID IT! 20 bags of leaves await the last pick-up.The annual war with Autumn leaves had been waged and I declared myself the victor, with a triumphant victory limp! But Mother Nature, not to be defeated, sent rain and wind on Saturday night depositing more leaves onto the once empty battlefield of my yard and on Sunday morning it…stopped me in my tracks and I realized that Mother Nature laughs at man’s (or woman’s) folly! “Winter is an etching, Spring a watercolor, Summer an oil painting, and Autumn a mosaic of them all.” – Stanley Horowitz. Thank-you!

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    • You did it Ellen! OF COURSE YOU did!!! Are you the only one who doubted??!! 🙂 But Mother Nature always has the last word – eh? 🙂 Smile at her will. Rest your weary muscles. Rejoice in the spirit of life! Hugs! ❤


  2. Yes, those are the moments that we treasure, and that help us when we’re in pain. Most of the time, we just buzz through life without paying attention to the details. But every once in a while, we get a moment of clarity that speaks directly to our hearts. I’m so glad you have had those moments recently!!!

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  3. Great perspective. Been haunted by the fire and the many stories that stopped people in their tracks, & forged many onward, and then the smallest survival of a trinket, stopped them in their tracks in an entirely different way. Thru the.burn are also pristine beautiful areas, some unscathed plants & trees, and a deer or squirrel or two. Then the precious way President Bush left this earth, and many reminders of the great things he did. Your assessment of small moments remind us all to value the small ” ordinary & not so ordinary wisdom of an 11 year old or a 2. Year old. Well expressed, nice story, & my condolances to your family.
    And loved Ellen’s response.
    Hope your craft sale brings you pleasure & success.

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