A Happy Retirement Candy-Gram

A Happy Retirement Candy-Gram.

A friend of ours recently retired.

Instead of just a card, I thought it would be fun to do a Candy-Gram.

It is fun to pick out a bunch of candy bars and try to make them into a message.

Great fun for special birthdays and holidays.

And the best part is – it’s a card and gift all in one!

Happy Retirement Bob!Β  We are so happy for you.Β  Enjoy the candy and enjoy your free time!

Cheers & Hugs,

35 thoughts on “A Happy Retirement Candy-Gram

  1. Jodi, What a cool idea! I usually hate when people send me store bought cards as I think they are a waste of money (that could be better spent) and they really don’t have as much meaning to me as they are way too commercialized. Unless there is a special note in the card with some deep personal thought from the sender, the card usually just goes into the trash after I open it. That $ 5 or $ 6 dollars someone spend goes right down the drain! Now, I must say…..If I got one of these candy gram cards I would think otherwise! The card would definitely not go into the trash, but I must admit…..The candy would all be gone within one to two days as I have a very “sweet” tooth and no will power ! This is one time that I must confess that it would be better to receive than to give because if I bought all that candy for a card that I was going to make….I know that most of candy would never make it to the actual card I had planned to make, but it would end up into my mouth….Then, my original phrase and idea for my card would have to be modified and the words severely condensed to make up for all that candy that never made it to the place that it was original intended for ! LoL

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  2. Your creative mind never ceases to amaze me…I see candy and think eat it, you see candy and think how can I use this? How lovely to find a use that doesn’t just enlarge the waistline! Thank-you!

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  3. What a great idea…it’s a fun message, with a treat attached! BTW, I’m having a hard time “liking” posts and comments right now, something is up with WordPress. So if you don’t see that I’ve liked this post, please know I tried!

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  4. I’m gonna do the same with my pals too πŸ™‚ Hey check out my blog on ” Kanching falls… in Malaysia” and do share it. Your kind response will be much appreciated tho dear.


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