“Anticipation” Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Watercolor Painting by Jodi McKinney 11×14


As we walked the path
and climbed the hill

anticipating what might await us
from the top,

nothing could have prepared us
for the beauty.

I lagged behind a bit
letting hubby get a head start

anticipating the joy
I knew would show on his face.

I snapped a photo,

but wanted to paint the “feeling.”

I struggle with painting landscapes
so I was excited to happen upon a YouTube video by Angela Fehr

introducing an online course called,
“Heart-Led” Landscapes.

It was exactly what I was looking for,
and I love the freedom it has given me to try a new approach.

This was my first attempt at a
“Heart-Led” Landscape.

It is not meant to be an exact duplicate
of the photo.

It is meant to reveal my heart and emotions
when I look at the photo.

Not knowing where my heart would lead,
this painting speaks “Anticipation” to me.

Can’t wait to do more!

Cheers & Hugs,

Daisies, Peace & Love

Daisies, Peace & Love.

I wanted to paint a daisy for a special reason recently.

I’ve tried before – quite a while ago – actually three years ago – and was not really happy with the result.  (Though looking back now I kinda like it…. funny how that is sometimes.)

Anyway – I went searching on Pinterest for some inspiration and happened upon an artist I fell in love with:  Alex Tolstoy.  Her style is one of my favorite ways to paint – and to look at paintings!  So this is an attempt at her daisy.

I want to do more painting like this and can’t wait to try some original pieces based on this inspiration.

Wear daisies in your hair, peace in your soul, and love in your heart!

Cheers & Hugs,