Daisies, Peace & Love

Daisies, Peace & Love.

I wanted to paint a daisy for a special reason recently.

I’ve tried before – quite a while ago – actually three years ago – and was not really happy with the result.  (Though looking back now I kinda like it…. funny how that is sometimes.)

Anyway – I went searching on Pinterest for some inspiration and happened upon an artist I fell in love with:  Alex Tolstoy.  Her style is one of my favorite ways to paint – and to look at paintings!  So this is an attempt at her daisy.

I want to do more painting like this and can’t wait to try some original pieces based on this inspiration.

Wear daisies in your hair, peace in your soul, and love in your heart!

Cheers & Hugs,

48 thoughts on “Daisies, Peace & Love

  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! I love both of your daisy watercolors! They are the perfect illustrations of the Old English word for daisy, “daeges eage” translated to “Day’s Eye”. I have always, always loved daisies and cannot see one without being transported back to childhood days spent at my Gram’s farm. An abundance of Oxeye Daisies could be seen growing wild in the fields as well as the lovely cultivated Shasta Daisies placed here, there and everywhere in her gardens. Gram loved to tell anyone who would listen about how Luther Burbank spent 17 years developing the Shasta daisy. I heard the story often and loved it then and now. In his California garden Burbank started with the seeds of a Massachusetts’ Oxeye and over the years performed an intergeneric cross with three other species of daisies from three other countries. I remember that this included an English field daisy, a Japanese field daisy and I think the other was a field daisy from Portugal. Thus, the quadruple hybrid Shasta Daisy named for Mount Shasta’s snowy white peaks was finally introduced by Burbank in 1901. My Gram had a great love for all flowers and often said that the Oxeye daisy and the Dandelion were misunderstood and unappreciated flowers, farmers saw them as invasive weeds then and still do today. “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” – Gerard de Nerval. Thank-you!

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