Watercolor Painting: Bicycle with Flower Basket

Bicycle with Basket of Flowers in Galway Watercolor – 11×14

Watercolor Painting:  Bicycle with Flower Basket.

I have been wanting to paint a bicycle with a basket full of flowers for a while, but I hadn’t found the right inspiration.

Then I came upon “it”  (the inspiration) at a quaint little shop in Galway on our recent trip to Ireland.

I took artistic license in changing the black bike to turquoise that was on the sidewalk outside of Judy Greene’s Gift Shop on Kirwan Lane.

It brings back sweet memories of a great trip and gave me a painting I love!

Happy #WorldWatercolorMonth!

Cheers & Hugs,


49 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting: Bicycle with Flower Basket

  1. Wow! I LOVE this!! 🌿🌸🎨✨ Not an easy subject and I love how you made it your own with the colors you chose! I have always thought it would be cool to own an old bicycle and put a basket of flowers in it to display. 😃

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  2. Great job. Looks lovely, like bringing home a souvenier of fun times, & enjoying culture of others, nostaglia. We had a bike for two antique model & used to ride to town during our Zuchini festival, we had a basket in front too, mostly we put wonderful baked goods we would buy. And everyone remembered us, year after year.

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