There once was…

LJM One Year Old Portrait Watercolor 11×14

There once was a little girl
whose Grandma loved her so dearly

she wanted to paint her portrait
to honor her first birthday.

Though the painting didn’t nearly capture
the little girl’s character and charm and beauty,

hopefully she will
someday realize

there once was a Grandma
who wanted her to remember

how much she meant to her
and how much she was loved

that she tried to paint her portrait
and it was done with lots of love.


My second granddaughter recently celebrated her first  birthday.  This painting is not meant to be framed or hung, and it surely doesn’t come close to depicting her beauty. But it was painted to be tucked in a memory box as a little keepsake and token of love.  I am going to try to paint a portrait every year of each of my grandchildren for the sole purpose of tucking it away to save.  I like to think that perhaps one day when I am gone, they will occasionally look at them and cherish them as keepsakes of a Grandma that loved them with her whole heart and soul and bring back sweet memories of happy times spent together.  Love you Sweet Baby Girl!

Cheers & Hugs,


46 thoughts on “There once was…

  1. No I don’t paint their picture but do make special things for them. I just want them some day, when I am no longer here, to know I loved them enought to make something special …just for them.

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  2. It’s a beautiful portrait of a darling little girl! And you know those portraits are going to be treasured family heirlooms for the rest of their lives. What a wonderful idea, Jodi, and what a terrific way to show your love.

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  3. So sweet and special! 💗 I love how you painted her eyes especially! You captured her sweetness! 😍 What a special memory to leave your grandkids… I am sure they will treasure it some day. And perhaps, they will want to learn to paint too! 🎨💕 When they see and feel what it means to you.❤️

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    • You are very kind, but I really didn’t nail it. Maybe next year… maybe 10 years from now… maybe never… but nonetheless it was done with so much love, and I hope that is what she will always remember. And I sure do hope someday we will paint together! They already have a special spot in my art room with a desk that has a roll of paper and lots of crayons and markers and stamps!! 🙂 Her big sister is starting to create some beautiful scribble masterpieces! 🙂 ❤

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      • Hi Jodi, I see the love you put into her painting. And I really do think you captured her sweetness! 💗 I think it is important to teach kids that imperfection can be beautiful too – after all, we are all imperfect in some way… 😍
        So neat that they have a special place to draw in your art room!! The kids of friends at the lake where we go, love painting rocks. A fun activity for any age! 🦋☀️🌿

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  4. OH Jodi,this brings a tear to my eye! Your idea to do one each year is just so loving and precious. I am sure they will cherish them when they are older. They are so blessed to have such a loving grandma!! ❤

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