Reflections of Thanksgiving

As we prepare for another Thanksgiving, reflecting on the last. Cherishing all the moments.

the creative life in between

Reflections of Thanksgiving.

Babies growing too quickly.
A loved one’s final day.
Family time together.
Thoughts of family apart.

Sons have become men
that make us gleam with pride.
Daughter in laws grow dearer
with each passing year.

Hubby’s smoked turkey
woos the crowd again.
Granddaughter’s first apple pie
sweetens meal’s end.

Pumpkin pie for breakfast
with a bestie and “our” mom.
Cocktails with our faves
to consummate a just-right day.

Waists growing thicker.
Hair becoming greyer.
Embracing the vulnerability.
Loving fiercely.

Reflections of Thanksgiving.

Cheers & Hugs,

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15 thoughts on “Reflections of Thanksgiving

      • It was fantastic. We had 27 people . ( 16 overnight , & 3 dogs, who came, couple days before & stayed thru Friday) & the first snow of the season about 14-16″. But the sun was out Thanksgiving Day & no more snow til late that evening. The grandnieces (3 & 5 yrs) made the yard look like a scene from family circle with all their adventures. The grandkids (teens) & 2 guest had wonderful photo ops among themselves & made snow angels & had a snowball fights. The adults played guitar & piano & sang sons later in the evening, & then watched fantasia. It was perfect, everyone made it up safely & left before rains tookover Friday afternoon. Food was great, everyone made a dish & “over ate” , adults napping everywhere afterwards while the 7 teens & 2 kiddies joined together after dinner & decorated these marvelous gingerbread houses my daughter-in-law brought from Costco. They were already assembled & came with icing & decorator nibs (tips) & the cutest most colorful candies. They all turned out so different & cute & each family got to take one home. I think we had 6 or 7 pies, apple, pecan & pumpkin, 2 homemade with no sugar, 2 jello desserts & ice cream, plus homeade candy & a box of Mrs Sees. Dinner was our traditional, Big Turkey, made in oven bag, enough for sandwiches later, mashed potatoes, marshmellow yams, green bean caserole, 2 fancy green salads, roasted mix of cauliflower, brussel sprouts, & brocoli. I’m sure there was more that I’m not remembering, because there were h’orderves, dips, fresh raw vegi’s etc too, and fresh watermelon, honey dew, cantalope, manderine oranges, a new hibred apple, perssimmons, bananas. It was more than enough! The decoations on the table were several candles, & pine cones, wreath greens, leaves, & small pumpkins & squash yellow & green, orange, white, a collection of salt & pepper shakers that were indians, pilgrims, turkeys, deers, nut cups & autum leaf table clothes & napkins. Special Memories for everyone who attended. In between all that, 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzells (3 were done in total) & various board & card games were ongoing.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Jodi, your words capture the spirit of Thanksgiving so perfectly! The sense of another year going by, even with the losses they always bring, but also with the sure sense of growing closer as a family and learning to embrace life more fully as we age: dang it, you nailed this! Or at least you nailed the way I’m feeling these days……. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!!

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