Reflections in December

Reflections in December.

Happy December Friends!

I spent a good part of yesterday putting up our Christmas tree.

I’m being a bit more “minimalist” about decorating this year.  I’ve decided not to put out all the santas or all the snowmen I’ve collected over the years.

Instead… I’m opting for a more white and silver and elegant kinda vibe.

But I did spend hours working on the tree.

I had forgotten I bought a brandie new 9 foot tall beauty last year until we brought it out of the attic, and I realized the box was completely sealed.  What a fun “surprise!”
What a lot of work “fluffing” the branches!

But, unlike past years, I didn’t care how long it took.  No rushing this year.  I put the movie White Christmas on, and I sang along with Bing and Danny and Rosemary and Vera.  And I fluffed and reflected.

I reflected on Decembers and Christmases and trees past.

I smiled remembering cutting down live trees and decorating them with handmade ornaments from my mother-in-law and vintage balls painted with my name and the year on from my childhood when we were so young we were still kids ourselves.   Money was tight but the joy was so joyous!

My eyes teared up remembering hubby lifting our little boys high up in the air so they could take their turn every other year reaching the tippy top of the tree to crown it with the star.

I laughed remembering the magic of Sammy our magical elf, who came every December 1st – long before anyone had ever heard of Elf on a Shelf (oh why didn’t I think to market it!!!).  He is the one “ornament” I put on the tree no matter the “theme” each year.  He’s been coming around for 30 years.

I felt melancholy remembering loved ones who we spent Christmases with who are no longer with us – those who have passed, but live in our hearts forever.

I remembered the emptiness of those first empty nester years.

I reminisced about the first Christmas being reunited with my Dad and the wonderful, loving extended family that came along with him.

I rejoiced in the renewed joy and magic that grandchildren have brought to Christmas.

And I celebrate life.  I am choosing to celebrate the woman I’ve become through the time and experiences I’ve been given.   I am making an effort every day to be the me I am meant to be – not comparing to others – those younger or thinner or smarter or wealthier or more talented or whatever we all compare each other about.  I am telling myself every day that I am enough.  As Dr. Seuss said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”  December is also my birthday month (even if it doesn’t come until the very last day of the month!).  And as a very wise friend, who faced and battled cancer years ago once told me when I said I don’t want to celebrate birthdays any more as I get older… “Celebrate!  Each day and year is a gift.    Not everyone gets this opportunity.”

May you find time to reflect on the memories, joys, sorrows, blessings and gifts of your life.  Have a beautiful December!

Cheers & Hugs,

30 thoughts on “Reflections in December

      • Thanks Jodi. I just submitted an offer on a condo in Clearwater. If seller accepts, I’ll close in 20 days on Dec 30th. Did a blog on this yesterday showing the inside and s other blog on the surrounding area. I am nervous about trying to sell my RV in 20 days if the condo purchase happens.will be fast and furious and my Mom and brother will be here a few days before Christmas and I have another nose surgery on Dec 16th and the Christ in Orlando with my byother’s. My mom and Beau! Yikes…I’ll be on a roller coaster ride. The kitchen is to die for! So cool…guess I’ll have to start trying out some of your recipes!

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  1. Your tree is beautiful as is what we can see of the room it’s in. There is much to be said about moving on from the cluttered decor of the past and into that of simple elegance. So peaceful.

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  2. Lovely sparkly tree, loaded with snow flakes & Ice sickles & shiny balls & satiny pouches I love the pinecone, & I found your elf. Thanks for sharing you glamour – tree & all your wonderful stories.

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  3. Oh, I’m so glad to see this post! When I saw it on Facebook, I couldn’t see the link to your blog, and was worried you weren’t going to share it there. And I was really hoping you would, because it’s that good!!!

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  4. Beautiful memories! One of my favorite Christmases is when the kids were little and we went to cut down our own tree on a farm. It was snowing and so cold and after getting our tree the farm owners let us come in the barn and warm up by the fire with hot chocolate. It was such a great day! Your tree is beautiful!!

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