A “New” Easel for My Art Studio

A “New” Easel for My Art Studio.

Yesterday, I was gifted with something very special for my new art studio.

As many of you may recall, my brother passed away two days after Christmas – just a few months ago.  He sadly took his own life.  He was a troubled man who struggled with alcoholism, but was once a bright, highly intelligent boy and handsome young man who lost his way due to the disease that took over his life.

I came to find out he went through a period where he had a passion for art and tried his hand at painting.  Though I have not seen any of the work he did, his friend generously offered his art easel to me as a small remembrance of him.

And so I placed it next to my current one hubby bought me when I decided I wanted to try my hand at painting almost two years ago.  He has been so supportive and encouraging, and even made me a room (though he will tell it much less romantically stating he was tired of my art stuff all over the house!).

How couldn’t one enjoy and feel loved spending time in a room made for me by my hubby and with so many beautiful things from so many wonderful friends and family members.

And now this special remembrance.

Finding joy in the ordinary

Cherishing the moments

Cheers & Hugs,

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62 thoughts on “A “New” Easel for My Art Studio

    • Thank you Jenna – I hope so. I wish I had something he painted, but at least I have a piece of him… a special, personal piece that I didn’t even know about. A good and happy thing to remember instead of the tragedy that was the end of his life. I appreciate your kind words


    • that is a good way to look at it, and I hope someday I only smile. Is that ever possible when the death was such a tragedy? I don’t know. I will try to make it something happy and positive of it.

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      • Exactly, only time will tell, maybe put together some special memories and moments with your brother….interactions, good memories and make a special place in your studio as a creative billboard with them including photos. I bet if you were to do that, it will give you a perspective aside from the tragedy, if that makes sense. It is human that we get caught up into the sad parts of life but I am sure that there are positive threads through his story that has been intertwined with yours. ❤

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  1. What a wonderful way to remember the best part of your brother! I’m so glad his friend gave you the easel.
    And as an aside, I didn’t know you’ve only been painting for two years. You paint that well after only two years??? Dang, you really are talented! Keep on creating, my friend!

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    • Oh – you are two kind. I keep thinking I should be WAY better after all this time, but I typically only get to paint once or twice a week. I should try every day – I just am so bad as I love to do too many different things! LOL!

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