But a Speck…

But A Speck Mixed Media 9 x 12 300# Arches Cold Press

“But a Speck” Mixed Media Watercolor 9×12 300# Arches Cold Press

This painting
I decided to feature
for the first day
of July

and the first day
of the first ever
World Watercolor Month

began as a field
of daisies
gone wrong….

So following the advice and experimentation
of my mad scientist artinista mentor, Laura,
at CreateArtEveryday

I slapped and slathered
white Gesso on top
and started over

feeling free
and loose
and creative.

I wanted to express
how I am but a speck,
in a huge universe

but a tiny speck
can also have
a rippling effect

that creates art
and magic
and joy
and beauty.

I am
but a speck.

Cheers & Hugs,


This abstract watercolor mixed media piece was created using Brusho Watercolor Crystals in Black and Orange, Splatters of Rubbing Alcohol and water, hints of InkaGold and Golden Brand white acrylic, a straw, sunshine, and a free mind.



Remembering Spooky

black cat watercolor card

Our dear daughter-in-law lost a special beloved furry buddy this weekend.

My heart breaks for her as this is her first experience losing a pet.

I thought of her all day yesterday and wanted to do something special, so I decided to try to draw and watercolor a photo she posted in memory of Spooky and make it into a card last night.

This is my first try at doing a cat, and he sure doesn’t look exactly like sweet Spooky.  But hopefully it is close enough to give Colleen a little remembrance and show her how much I love her and ache for her loss.

Hugs & Sweet Memories,