But a Speck…

But A Speck Mixed Media 9 x 12 300# Arches Cold Press

“But a Speck” Mixed Media Watercolor 9×12 300# Arches Cold Press

This painting
I decided to feature
for the first day
of July

and the first day
of the first ever
World Watercolor Month

began as a field
of daisies
gone wrong….

So following the advice and experimentation
of my mad scientist artinista mentor, Laura,
at CreateArtEveryday

I slapped and slathered
white Gesso on top
and started over

feeling free
and loose
and creative.

I wanted to express
how I am but a speck,
in a huge universe

but a tiny speck
can also have
a rippling effect

that creates art
and magic
and joy
and beauty.

I am
but a speck.

Cheers & Hugs,


This abstract watercolor mixed media piece was created using Brusho Watercolor Crystals in Black and Orange, Splatters of Rubbing Alcohol and water, hints of InkaGold and Golden Brand white acrylic, a straw, sunshine, and a free mind.



48 thoughts on “But a Speck…

  1. I love it!! It’s such a departure for you in the tones but it’s really cool, Jodi!! And oh, how I am not worthy to be your mentor, holy goodness. Leave that to Debi and Margaret and others like them. But so nice of you to say! Seriously, this is cool, Jodi. I’ve never played with brusho before, but now I’m thinking I should! And I love how you include a free mind as one of your materials. And so weird that we are both starting this thing off with freedom in our heads!! Oh, this is gonna be fun. You are gonna rock this thing, lady! Free and beautiful. And like Kerfe, I’m seeing so many things in this. I see a bee, I see space of all kinds, galaxies, stars, it’s really cool!! Roll on, Artistanista! 🎨❤️💜💛

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    • Sorry. You are the one. 😉. Chosen before I even knew them. You would LOVE Brusho. I know this is so not my usual yet it feels very me. I’m sure it has confused some. My son said it looked dark and kind of evil when I Had it turned a different direction. I don’t see that at all but may be how many do. Sometimes when I love something it is not always well received and when I am not sure if I should even post another with doubts of inadequacy it gets such positive feedback. I know you have experienced similar. In looking at all the fb posts I am blown away and don’t even feel worthy to be part of all of this. But then I put my big big girl pants on and say to myself. Just be Jodi. And I will carry on. 😉

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      • Boy, I need to take attitude lessons from you (and Sharon)! That is so right. Just be Jodi and that is exactly who you should be. Because no one else can make art the way you make it and you were made to be an individual, uniquely you! It was a bit crazy when I first saw this in my reader, first flash was “wow, dark” but then as I looked further, I saw so much Light. And then I knew it still was you! We could both write a book about liking the things that others don’t like and not liking things and people just love it. I will never get that. I still think the only thing that matters is do YOU love it and did you have fun making it. And if the answer to both is yes, then darn it, it should be posted and we should be happy about it. I really like this one, and I’m glad you like it too. It’s different, shows growth, depth, playfulness, love the mixed media aspect, doesn’t matter that the colors aren’t bright and showy, it’s still your playful, beautiful style underneath. Yeah, I may not ever go back to that FB group lol. I mean, I’m inspired, but then I think “wow, I will definitely not be posting my stuff in here” lol. And I really dislike FB anyway, so not really looking to get sucked back into that mire again lol. I think it’s good though if you’re sharing your stuff because then more people will see it! And art needs to be shared. We have to fight all the craziness going on in the world right now and turn it around. ❤


      • I am afraid many only see the dark and don’t look further but that’s ok. Maybe I didn’t do it right to capture that. I tried to draw attention to the bright with light. Lol. Anyway. Yep had fun. 😝

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  2. So glato d I was able to get online to see this! Its an Amazing piece of Art! Love it!
    You may be just a speck BUT you bring delight to so many!
    OH you can go look at my Friday’s 6 word story from last week to clear up your confusion about the mug:) I explained clearly, tho Colin still has trouble understanding. HA! You could let him know that you understand clearly

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  3. oh my gosh Jodi! so much to say!
    from a field of daisies…. into An Art Work of incomparable Power, and Beauty! I’d not even think twice of worrying bout what ‘was meant to be’ or ‘should have’ ….. absolutely no regrets! Your ‘field of daisies’ was perhaps meant, to Guide you into This art work!
    it is mysterious and powerful. well painted, Jodi.

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  4. I like how you created this piece from something you didn’t like. Some paintings are that way for me too. 😉 I like how you made “fireworks” and had fun doing it! YAY Jodi! Keep ROCKING on!! 🌟😄🎨

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