As If I Were Dancing Myself…

Graceful Ballerina Watercolor 11x14 Saunders Cold Press

Graceful Ballerina Watercolor 11×14 Saunders Cold Press

As If I Were Dancing Myself…

I’ve always admired the delicate gracefulness of a ballerina…
As a little girl, I dreamed of being one myself.

I had a little jewelry box with a tiny ballerina that twirled to music when I opened it.
I wanted to be able to do that and look so delicate and graceful and beautiful.

But I wasn’t delicate or graceful or beautiful.
I was chubby and a bit clumsy and loud.

I tried tap and jazz and ballet classes,
but my mind and body didn’t cooperate with the rest of the dancers.

I was heavy-footed and exuberant and impatient.
When the rest of the class moved right, I moved left.

I continued to grow into being a “big girl” with a “pretty face.”
Just what every teenage girl wants to hear – right?!

I had short, wavy mousy-brown hair – with bangs no less –
when all I wanted was long, straight hair.

I had a full round face, and when I smiled or laughed,
I completely lost my eyes, which became tiny slits (still to this day!)

I had big feet –  a sturdy foundation Grandma claimed –
not delicate ballerina feet that could point and hold me up so gracefully.

A ballerina I was and am not,
but that is finally ok with me now.  (only took 50+ years!)

If I can’t be a ballerina,
I can paint one.

And I can feel the same delicate gracefulness
as if I were dancing myself.

Cheers & Hugs,

*Painting inspiration from Pinterest (no credit identified).  Three colors used:  Daniel Smith Neutral Tint, Azo Yellow, Alizarin Crimson.

Late Summer Dreaming

"Late Summer Dreams" Abstract Floral Watercolor - 11x14

“Late Summer Dreams” Abstract Floral Watercolor – 11×14

Late Summer Dreaming.

Laying in the warm grass,
looking up at the clouds floating by,
listening to the cicadas sing.

Cool misty morning walks,
hot afternoon ceiling fans swirling,
earlier and earlier sunsets for bright star gazing.

Plump ruby red tomatoes fresh off the vine,
bushels of zucchini for spiraling and shredding and slicing,
roasted sweet corn, and fuzz covered juicy ripe peaches.

Late summer dreaming
inspired layers of transparent watercolor glaze
in varying combinations of Prussian blue, Azo yellow, and Quinacridone rose.

Wishing you sweet late summer dreams.

Cheers & Hugs,


Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

I am so glad to have him in my life to celebrate.

This is one of the very few pictures I have from my early childhood.

As a child of divorce, many photos of my early life were destroyed along with the marriage that ended.  I suppose in an effort to erase the “mistake.”

But I am so grateful for this photo shared with me by my sweet aunt of a birthday celebration that was shared by my brother and cousin.

Sadly, half of the people in the photo are no longer with us…
Cancer, aging, murder, suicide… Many of us can relate to similar losses.

But I have my Dad in my life, and today is his birthday.
And I am choosing to cherish these moments!

By the way – can you tell which two we are?
I think we look so much alike!

Happy Birthday Dad!
From your only daughter.
Your first-born child.

You were my first great love.
You are the man I am still discovering.
The Daddy I am still allowing myself to remember.

Thank you for being back in my life.
Thank you for healing the wounds.

Thank you for ending the nightmares.
Thank you for fulfilling the dreams.

I love you.

Cheers & Hugs,



These Little Piggies


These Little Piggies

When I kiss them
and rub them
and tuck them in
her little jammies,

I think about
the first wobbly steps they will take and then the walks that will follow holding mommy’s or daddy’s hands and later with a beloved friend or pet or me.

I think about
the times she will stand tall and proud on them for important things she believes in.

I think about
the times when she will vehemently “put her foot down” about something important to her.

I think about
her skipping on a hopscotch game chalked on the pavement or into the house with her heart fluttering from her first kiss.

I think about
her jumping rope in the playground or jumping off a diving board or from a plane.

I think about
her dipping them in and splashing at the edge of a pond or kicking them in the vast ocean.

I think about
her marching in a band like her mommy and daddy or in an important protest that could change the world.

I think about
her putting them gingerly on top of her Daddy’s trusting, sturdy feet learning to dance.

I think about her slipping them gracefully into delicate ivory wedding shoes to dance with the love of her life.

But for now,
I just kiss them
and rub them
and tuck them in her little jammies.

And I am thankful
for these little piggies.

Cheers & Hugs,

Canon EOS Rebel T5

Come Fly Away

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 1

Come fly away with me

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 2

to a place we want to be

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 3

up high in the cottony clouds

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 4

where anything is allowed

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 5

where soft winds blow

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 6

and spirits glow

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 7

where life is free

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 8

for he and she and me

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 9

we’ll take flight

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 91

toward the light

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 92

and smile and laugh and sing

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 93

in a basket tied with string

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 94

we will float

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 95

in our air-filled boat

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 96

with the utmost ease

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 97

in the gentle breeze

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 98

and leave behind

Hot Air Balloon WPA Balloonfest 99

the ties that bind.

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby and I spent a Saturday evening watching a multitude of hot air balloons lift off and fly away at the Western Pennsylvania Balloon Quest in New Castle, PA.  The weather was a bit “iffy,” and take-offs were delayed, but Mother Nature cooperated, to our great fortune, and we were able to experience this beauty.

I’m a bit of a ninny poo poo when it comes to daring adventures of height like this, but oh how I wish I were brave enough.  Maybe some day.  For now, it was lovely to experience from the ground and dream of far away places that can only be reached by going where the gentle wind blows us.

Cheers & Hugs,


Dreaming of Spring

blue purple iris matted

Sometimes in the cold and slush,
the starkness and the blustery winds of Winter…

I dream of the warmth and beauty,
the colors and the gentle breezes of Spring.

blue purple iris watercolor

After a few long, cold, busy wintry days, it was nice to relax and loosen up and dream of blue and purple irises that will bloom in Spring…

and splash paint on paper

bringing them to life

with glimmers of hope

and the promise of renewal.

Cheers & Hugs,