As If I Were Dancing Myself…

Graceful Ballerina Watercolor 11x14 Saunders Cold Press

Graceful Ballerina Watercolor 11×14 Saunders Cold Press

As If I Were Dancing Myself…

I’ve always admired the delicate gracefulness of a ballerina…
As a little girl, I dreamed of being one myself.

I had a little jewelry box with a tiny ballerina that twirled to music when I opened it.
I wanted to be able to do that and look so delicate and graceful and beautiful.

But I wasn’t delicate or graceful or beautiful.
I was chubby and a bit clumsy and loud.

I tried tap and jazz and ballet classes,
but my mind and body didn’t cooperate with the rest of the dancers.

I was heavy-footed and exuberant and impatient.
When the rest of the class moved right, I moved left.

I continued to grow into being a “big girl” with a “pretty face.”
Just what every teenage girl wants to hear – right?!

I had short, wavy mousy-brown hair – with bangs no less –
when all I wanted was long, straight hair.

I had a full round face, and when I smiled or laughed,
I completely lost my eyes, which became tiny slits (still to this day!)

I had big feet –  a sturdy foundation Grandma claimed –
not delicate ballerina feet that could point and hold me up so gracefully.

A ballerina I was and am not,
but that is finally ok with me now.  (only took 50+ years!)

If I can’t be a ballerina,
I can paint one.

And I can feel the same delicate gracefulness
as if I were dancing myself.

Cheers & Hugs,

*Painting inspiration from Pinterest (no credit identified).  Three colors used:  Daniel Smith Neutral Tint, Azo Yellow, Alizarin Crimson.

72 thoughts on “As If I Were Dancing Myself…

  1. I love the picture – it captures the poise and elegance and ethereal quality of the dance. I sadly, am also no ballerina. In fact, I recall my mortification when my ballet teacher told my mother that there was entirely no point in her bringing me back. I think I might have been 5 … cutting!

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  2. Jodi, you might have not been the best Ballerina or dancer, but you have attributes and talents much greater than that. You have a big warm heart and are a caring person that knows just the right way to comfort others and make them feel good about themselves.. It does not matter how you feel about your outward appearance……it’s the inner person in you that really counts. Luv Gary

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  3. Jodi,

    At beautiful painting! You may not have become a ballerina, but just think of all painful foot and toe injuries you avoided! For all we know, some of those prima ballerinas may now be hobbling around like crippled crabs.

    Where you, on the other hand (foot?) are writing amazing texts, sharing wonderful recipes and painting lovely pictures! Real beauty comes from a beautiful heart, which you indeed have.



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  4. Oh, Jodi! You don’t have to be balerina! You are PAINTER for sure!!!!! I love it! I love it!! Beautiful! I love how you made it look fragile, beautiful and also dark (pain and hard work, injuris). And paited from back – like that’s what we see but we don’t see how she feels. I bet she’s sad or crying! Great job! It resonates with me!

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  5. I think this is the ballerina inside of you, dancing into the mists that dreams are made of…and it is beautiful, as are YOU! To be a ballerina takes self discipline and determination, and while I admired those qualities I did not possess them in my early years. I do admire those same qualities that shine through you into your blog. You are a gift that keeps on giving! Thank-you!

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  6. Your ballerina painting is beautiful – just like you, Jodi! 💜 Love the gracefulness you painted and the movement – and the colors you chose! 🎨👍 I had one of those same jewelry boxes! Oh, the memories! 😊

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  7. The thing with ballerinas are that while they are beautiful and graceful, they are all alike. Like bricks or something produced on an assembly line, they all look the same and move the same. They are expected to have a certain body type in order to be ‘accepted’ by those who value uniformity, conformity, and fleeting beauty. Just remember that they are a minority. Real women, most of us anyway, have our own unique beauty which manifests in many different and lasting ways. It could be a kind heart, helping hands, or loving arms and it may come in a package that is chubby or with curly hair. Outward beauty is a bonus but it will fade. Inner beauty lasts and is more valuable.

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  8. It’s often not possible for me to see personality when ballerinas are dancing because for me all look the same way. But your way to paint shows so much individuality and you can show this your whole life. Ballerinas couldn’t if their beauty is lost some time

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  9. Oh, Jodi! You spoke for so many of us in this post. It takes us so long to learn to accept ourselves just as we are (and realize that we are more than good enough). But once we figure that out, we find that all of us can dance, one way or another……

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