Dreaming of a Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Watercolor Christmas Tree 11×14

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas Tree.

I woke up wide eyed early Saturday morning with a burning desire to paint a pink Christmas tree…

I had a busy day ahead.  I was assigned to work a few hours at Berry Vine Gifts (the local gift shop where my DIL and I have our McKinneyX2Designs shop) and plans to visit Santa with my grandie girls.  I wanted to get a nice walk in with Charlie too.

But first…. I had to paint.

I had to paint this pink Christmas tree.

I painted it with layers of three pink watercolors – Opera Pink, Rhodonite Genuine, and Permanent Rose.  I started with a little wet in wet after lightly spritzing the paper with water and spritzed a little more after adding the layers.

I then went for a walk.  Stepping away to let it dry and let the watercolor magic happen is sometimes the hardest part, but it is also often so rewarding!

The thing with watercolor painting (that is so different from acrylic or oils) is that what you first paint is not how it will look once dried.  It can be frustrating (for impatient peeps like me), but it is also the fun and fascinating part of the art.

Once the pink watercolor was dry, I splattered some Inka Gold “ornaments” and Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White “snow” on the tree.

I totally envisioned this painting framed in gold, so in between my time at Berry Vine and our visit with Santa, I cruised through Home Goods where I found some beautiful gold frames that I wanted to try with prints of this painting.

Then today, with a full festive heart, I processed some prints and created some greeting cards from my dream of a pink Christmas tree.

I absolutely adore it!

I imagine there will be some who don’t “feel it” or don’t like a pink Christmas tree, but that is the beauty of art.

As I mature in my art journey, I am really seeking to paint what I love and what I feel in my heart rather than painting for what (I think) others will like.  There will always be those that like and dislike…. love or hate….  but that is what makes art so wonderful.

I’ve added this piece – the original – as well as prints and cards – to our McKinneyX2 Etsy shop if you are interested.

May YOUR Christmas dreams come true….
kinda like my little dream of a pink Christmas tree.

Cheers & Hugs,



And they call it Poppy Love

poppy watercolor original 4.25 x 5.5

Do you ever get an old song stuck in your head triggered by something  totally unrelated?

If you ask my family, they will tell you I can come up with a song for most any word, subject, discussion….

And to their dismay (as I truly have no musical talent!), I often break into random song most any time of day.

So ever since I painted this little poppy flower earlier this week, I’ve been walking around singing, Puppy Love (yep – 1972 Donny Osmond), but substituting “Poppy” for “Puppy.”  (I know – I have issues!)

And while we are on the subject, the 9-year old girl in me remembers Donny Osmond being much more swoon-worthy than the silly kid I see now when I watch the video on YouTube.

Oh well – I guess that is why they call it Puppy Love.

I thought this Poppy would make a beautiful greeting card, so that is just what I did.

poppy watercolor original print cards set of 4 1

And I called it “Poppy Love.”

Cheers & Hugs,