And they call it Poppy Love

poppy watercolor original 4.25 x 5.5

Do you ever get an old song stuck in your head triggered by something  totally unrelated?

If you ask my family, they will tell you I can come up with a song for most any word, subject, discussion….

And to their dismay (as I truly have no musical talent!), I often break into random song most any time of day.

So ever since I painted this little poppy flower earlier this week, I’ve been walking around singing, Puppy Love (yep – 1972 Donny Osmond), but substituting “Poppy” for “Puppy.”  (I know – I have issues!)

And while we are on the subject, the 9-year old girl in me remembers Donny Osmond being much more swoon-worthy than the silly kid I see now when I watch the video on YouTube.

Oh well – I guess that is why they call it Puppy Love.

I thought this Poppy would make a beautiful greeting card, so that is just what I did.

poppy watercolor original print cards set of 4 1

And I called it “Poppy Love.”

Cheers & Hugs,

50 thoughts on “And they call it Poppy Love

    • Thanks Loie! It is so fun – but I still want to do so much better – lol – I always start out thinking it is going to be so much better than how it turns out – haha! I guess that is why I/we keep at it – a fun, lifelong journey. xo


  1. Love your poppies Jodi! Absolutely beautiful!

    But I’ll pass on the Donny song even changing the words… Reminds me of the movie Love Actually, the wedding scene, when the DJ puts on Puppy Love, and Laura Linney and Andrew Lincoln agreed he is the worst DJ ever!

    However I understand if Charlie enjoys it!

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  2. Beautiful Jodi!! As I was reading, I thought those would make great cards/note cards! Then as I scrolled down, that is exactly what you did! I just love how you are progressing with your painting!! I look forward to every day to see what you have painted!

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  3. It’s so pretty, and it makes a lovely Greeting Card!

    I also watched Donny and Marie when I was young. They were okay and I preferred the country side of the music best. My cousin on the other hand…Swooned over Donny for years, and has followed him, and his brothers all over the country listening to and supporting their concerts, and music.

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      • LOL! Yeah, I don’t get it. I’ve never been that ga-ga over any group or celebrity. She’s 8-9 yrs older than me and still meets friends in the fan group to go to see the concerts, and their appearances.

        Paper Roses is a good one! I’ll be thinking of her weight loss strategy today, but eating a different brand of ready made meals though. I’m dieting after this past week-ends food and wine Anniversary and Holiday fun. 🙂

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  4. Too cute, Poppy Love! It does indeed make a lovely greeting card. I was a little too old when Donny Osmond was the heart throb but I do remember the song. Not exactly a favorite of mine. Perhaps really changing it to Poppy Love could very well make a come back! 🙂

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  5. I have been trying to paint a Poppy all week in acrylics but they still look like Roses! 😜 I see now that I wasn’t singing the right song! Lol! 🐶💕🎼
    Your Poppy is so happy and I think that is what I like about your style, Jodi is that is is filled with JOY! 😍🎨👍 And I love that you made them into cards! You go girl!!! 💐🌼🌷


  6. LOL! I can so imagine you going around the house singing made up songs 😉 Reminds me of when I sat on the couch singing kid songs from when I was a kid and my girls were looking at me like, “Are you Ok?” LOL! 🙂 Love the card! Lovely Poppy!

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  7. Oh, dear, I remember the earlier version of the song done by Paul Anka in the 1950s or early 60s. Anyway, your painting is so cheery looking and perfect for cards!

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