Dear Dictionary… I Need the Word

Dear Dictionary –

talked about this

Your book is lacking
a few words
I so desperately need.

I’ve already told you
there needs to be
a word created

to describe the
the overflowing feeling
of love

I feel
when I think
of my granddaughter.

Other grandparents
this conundrum…

But now
I need
another word…

I watched
the movie

An Academy  Award

for best supporting actress,
best cinematography,
and best writing of an adapted screenplay.

And at the end,
I sat

The anger…
The hatred…
The sorrow…
The heartache…

The hope…
The compassion…
The conviction…
The love…

Dear Dictionary,
can you give me the word
that describes all of this wrapped up in one?

And then I listened
to the closing song,
Mighty River.


I so want to talk
about this
powerful film.

But I don’t
want to
spoil it

for those
who haven’t
seen it.


And let me share the opening verse to Mary J. Blige’s Song, Mighty River:

Life is a teacher, time is a healer
And I’m a believer like a river wild
Ego’s a killer, greed is a monster
But love is stronger, stronger than them all.

Can we
let Love Be Stronger than them All?



No Trespassing?

Private Property - No Trespassing Sign

No Trespassing…

I pass this sign, and many others like it,
on a daily walk with Charlie along the country road we live on.

The other day, in particular,
it struck me as being so sad.

What is so important that we must stop people,
that we must block them…. from entering what we feel is ours only?

I wish there were more "All are Welcome" signs along the road.
I wish there were more "C'mon in," "My House is Your House," "Peace to all who Enter."

Remember the song we sang as children?
"This land is your land.  This land is my land….  This land was made for you and me."

Let's open our hearts.
Let's open our arms.

Let's open our eyes.
Let's open our ears.

Let's open our homes.
Let's open our land.

And if you have time, I urge you to quietly listen to this deeply moving version of "This Land," by a young Bruce Springsteen from over 30 years ago.

Let's keep trying!
This land was made for you and me.

Cheers & Hugs,