No Trespassing?

Private Property - No Trespassing Sign

No Trespassing…

I pass this sign, and many others like it,
on a daily walk with Charlie along the country road we live on.

The other day, in particular,
it struck me as being so sad.

What is so important that we must stop people,
that we must block them…. from entering what we feel is ours only?

I wish there were more "All are Welcome" signs along the road.
I wish there were more "C'mon in," "My House is Your House," "Peace to all who Enter."

Remember the song we sang as children?
"This land is your land.  This land is my land….  This land was made for you and me."

Let's open our hearts.
Let's open our arms.

Let's open our eyes.
Let's open our ears.

Let's open our homes.
Let's open our land.

And if you have time, I urge you to quietly listen to this deeply moving version of "This Land," by a young Bruce Springsteen from over 30 years ago.

Let's keep trying!
This land was made for you and me.

Cheers & Hugs,

42 thoughts on “No Trespassing?

  1. This is something that won’t work in Latvia. If you don’t add “Private” you will get a load of garbage on your land and ticket for having that garbage there. You can be open, but here you meet people that don’t respect land/pond or anything else you have offered. They will damage all and walk over your flower beds…. Sometimes I’m surprised about what live along with me here in Latvia. Sorry for emotional comment.

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    • Very sad – there are places like that everywhere in the world – here also. Sometimes it is so frustrating what has become of humanity. But still there is much good, and we must try to focus on.

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      • Yes. My brother just ordered a signs “Private” after 5 years of believing, that everything will be “OK”. But it’s not and it’s sad. He won’t build a fence, he will put the cameras to protect waht’s his and to allow good people to walk. No problem.

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  2. This is so true! People post no hunting signs here much more than no trespassing. It seems that some hunters will hunt on private land without permission. I wish people would open up their land, homes and hearts. I’ll check Bruce’s song out. I love Springsteen! πŸ’—πŸ˜Ž

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  3. Imagine a world where everyone simply respected and accepted each other with open hearts!?! Perhaps a better sign would be “Look, But Don’t Touch” – it worked for my children. It is sad that we feel driven to protect what we feel is ours, even more sad that the need sometimes exists. Thank-you, Jodi!

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    • We must be careful who to trust as this is really not a placid lovely world, as we would so love it to be. Helping strangers can be extremely dangerous to ourselves and also to our children and I would urge people to be careful, some people can’t be looked at the wrong way even. Perhaps the folk who put up the signs are looking after a poor sick person or just scared of the harm strange folk could bring to them.

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      • I hear you but I was really using this as a symbol for a broader message.

        I still choose to trust strangers first over being skeptical. If I get hurt. Oh well. I didn’t live my life worrying or being scared and missing out on possible beautiful friendships and relationships and the potential to entertain angels. Possibly naive. But it is the way I choose to think. 😊


  4. Interesting thought Jodi. Living in Michigan, I had ten acres, my parents had much more next door. Our keep out signs were there for a couple reasons. One was because people love to hunt illegally on our land, the other is the liability aspect. But I do agree, it’s unfortunate that these signs are in place.

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      • It’s always someone else’s fault in today’s American society.

        If someone breaks into my home, am I to be held liable the actions of other people?

        It’s been said that Political Correctness is a Communist Ideal. And if someone looks at you in a manner that you don’t like, take ’em to court! Litigation nation!

        I saw a drag queen performing in an American school room full of little children this morning on Instagram. What the bloody hell is happening to our country Jodi!


  5. I understand what you are saying but around here there are reasons for land owners to discourage people from walking on your land. It usually means they are up to something, and usually not good. Walking around on private property also means that you might run into pot growers with guns, another reason to pause, sad but true. 😦 Most people around here access public lands and trails to be on the right side of safety. But, I think that your message is more about opening hearts and homes to each other rather than the no trespassing sign, I agree! If only!! I didn’t want you to think that I missed your point. πŸ™‚ ❀

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  6. I closed my eyes and listened to Bruce’s song – I wish we could all slow down and listen and think about our actions… I’d like to believe we could live in a more peaceful world if this was the case. Thanks Jodi for reminding me to focus on the positive and love! ❀️

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  7. We are a country, and world, divided in so many ways and on different levels. We draw lines in the sand based on what we fear even though, at times, we don’t even understand what we fear.
    Terrific sentiment in these times and a great song with words we should all remember.

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  8. I think you are absolutely correct, we need to be of the “welcome” mindset so much more than the “stay away.” One of the good things about spending some of my childhood in a parsonage in a small town was the way our house was always open to whoever wanted to stop by. (Although my dad did have to learn to stop watching Johnny Carson late at night in the living room wearing only a t-shirt and boxer shorts.) But I still have that attitude toward my house: I want it to be a welcoming place to anyone who wants to come in!

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  10. It’s really nice and i can see the message behind the sign! but keep within the same symbolic meaning, it’s not the sign that really matters, it’s the person who hangs or uses it. One may use these signs just as a reminder to others who would misunderstand kindness especially these days! But he/she may be more welcome and sensible than others with big smiles showing off warm invitations. I may write down on my door β€œwelcome” and open it widely but when you get inside you can not wait to leave; you don’t feel welcome! It’s just my thought!

    Wishing you all the best,



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