Sometimes you just have to Bark: A Charlie Guest Post

charlie and kitty

I’m usually a pretty laid back, easy-going kinda guy.  But yesterday, I couldn’t take it any more.

Mom was busy with her job.  I don’t know what she does all day.  Seems she just stares at the screen of that computer thing or furiously taps on the keys or is talking to other voices through it.  Sure seems rather boring to me.

But I put up with it.

While she is doing that most of the day, I can usually keep myself pretty busy.  I might be doing any number of these great, fun things while she is working:

  • napping
  • playing donut (I especially like to squeak it loud when she is on what she calls a “conference call.”  If I do it enough, she give me a bone, because then I am much quieter.  Ha ha – who is the winner there?!
  • chewing on some old bones in my toy basket
  • emptying out my toy basket
  • going in and outside through my doggie door to explore what is going on in the yard
  • daydreaming out the window and watching for friends to come and go
  • chasing my tail

Don’t you agree that is a much better day than looking at a computer?!

One of the highlights of my day, though, is an afternoon walk.  Mom and I usually do that around what she calls “lunch” time.  She gets to eat AGAIN during the day for lunch.  I only get breakfast and dinner.  What is with that??!!  But – if I get a walk, I am pretty happy.  And besides, I almost always find things on the ground to eat along the way!

So yesterday, noon passed and one o’clock passed (I know this from my internal doggie clock) and then two o’clock passed.  Mom was still staring at that computer, and we had not gone for a walk.  I knew my friend, Kitty, was probably worried and wondered where we were, and I was getting a little “antsy.”

I started to pace.
Mom ignored me.

I licked her bare foot.
She shooshed me away.

I jumped in her lap!
Aha!  Now I have your attention lady!
She laughed and told me to be patient and wait a few more minutes.

So I waited… for what seemed like an eternity (about 20 seconds), and then I just had to do it….


I rarely bark.  No need for such noisy jabber, but sometimes…..
when no other hints or tactics work……
You just have to bark.

Mom laughed.  She really did need a break.
And we went for a walk.

And I got to tell Kitty all about how the barking worked.
Kitty is going to see if barking works at Kitty’s house too.

You might like to try it too…
at your house
if all else fails,
and you really need…
a walk.

Woofs & Wags,


Charlie: I love donuts!

Charlie donuts

I LOVE Donuts!   Have you guys ever tried them?

Here I am in one of my favorite napping spots on the love seat on my sherpa fleece blankie with my blueberry donut.

I just got this new flavor.  It’s quite delish and squeaky and fun!  These donuts can be found in a multitude of places throughout my home and yard.  Aren’t I the lucky one!?!!?!

I have already had two chocolate and one cherry donut, and I would really, really, Really, REALLY love this glazed one!  HINT HINT – will you please tell my Mom?  (or maybe our friends at ZippyPaws will see this and send me one for sharing the love!)  Paws crossed!!!

charlie donut

One of my favorite things in the entire world to do is play.  Play follows closely behind my other favorite things in the whole wide world: breakfast and dinner and walks.

Here are my favorite things to do with a donut:

  • Grab it first thing in the morning (after breakfast of course), and squeak it around the house to make sure everyone wakes up.  After all, it is a new day – an opportunity to play.
  • Bring it to my Mom and push it up against her leg while squeaking it so she will throw it and play fetch – especially when she is on conference calls for work.
  •  Bring it to Mom or Dad or Nick, but as soon as they bend down to grab it to “play fetch,” run away quickly to make them chase me.  It is also important to give a playful GRRRRRowl when I buzz past them – just to let them know who has it!
  • Carry it around with my nose sticking out of the hole and the top covering my eyes – just to show I can maneuver quite fine even when I can’t see where I am going.
  • Take it out the doggy door into the rain and snow so it gets nice and smelly and wet and even more delicious, and then bring it inside and lay on Mom and Dad’s bed with it under my chin.
  • Play tug with Mom or Dad or Nick until the say “Drop It!” (which they always say quite firmly and authoritative…) Dang!   Then I really have to let it go – because that is what a dog is supposed to do – right?
  • Chew on it and make it squeak at least 27,569 times (give or take) until you can break a tiny hole into it and rip it apart – destroy the squeaker and show it who is boss!
  • Sleep with it to assure nobody else gets it!

Donuts are wonderful!

I did, however, see and smell something different in the house the other day…..

IMG_8899My family was eating these donut-like things called  Paczki (pronounced punch-key – WHAAAT???!!) in honor of Fat Tuesday.  Sheesh  – any excuse for a sweet in this house!  Hey – they didn’t share…..  I wonder if they tasted as good as my donuts……?


Woofs & Wags,