Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Charlie and Kitty

Hi Friends!  Charlie here.

I was really anxious to introduce you to one of my new BFFs, so Mom let me guest post again today.   Yippee!!!

“Kitty” is one of my friends I look forward to seeing on my walks with Mom.

We met about two weeks ago, and now we look forward to seeing each other almost every day.

charlie and Kitty 2

We live about a mile or so apart, but I know when I am getting close to Kitty’s house.  I start pulling Mom looking to the other side of the street where Kitty lives, and Kitty comes running out from the porch to the edge of the yard to see me.

Oh how fun it is to sniff and cuddle and visit my friend!

I’ve heard some people say silly things like “fighting like cats and dogs,” and I just don’t get it….

Who wants to fight when we can be friends?!

Cat/Dog… Black/White… Male/Female…Republican/Democrat… Christian/Jew… Rich/Poor… Young/Old… Tall/Short… Thick/Thin…

Why can’t we all just be friends?!

Woofs & Wags,

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77 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Be Friends?

  1. Charlie your mom took beautiful photos of you and your kitty friend! I completely agree with you – we should all be friends! I am so glad you found a friend on your walk! Maybe we will get to see more pictures of you and your friend in the future. 🙂 xoxo (kisses from Bria)

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    • Sometimes I get a little too exuberant for Kitty, and that is when Mom says it is time for us to go. Kitty is so exceptionally friendly, but she doesn’t like it when I get too excited. Kitty is more of a lover/cuddler type and has never growled or howled or batted – just runs away when I get too exuberant. Tell Scooter cats like a gentler approach, but I understand how hard it is to hold back. Relationships can be so challenging eh? ❤ charlie


  2. My cat used to play with my neighbor’s little dog – they were best buds until they got a second dog. So happy to see your new friend is a kitty cat, Charlie! 💜 A very beautiful cat too! Love this photo! 🐶❤️🐱

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  3. Charlie, I like kitties too! I’ve got a kitty friend I look for on my walk with Mom, Dad and Sammy. Sometimes I see him, sometimes not! Sammy’s not as excited about kitties. I wag my tail like crazy and pull on the leash to get closer! Sure would like to meet your kitty friend! 🐱Wags for Wednesday! 🐶Charley (Sammy too)

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  4. gorgeous photos Jodi and Charlie!
    how extraordinary that a neighbor’s kitty would be so friendly and sociable to a dog not of her own house! truly Awesome. And Inspiring 🙂
    yes indeed…. why can’t we all be friends, why can’t we all just get along!

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  5. Good words of wisdom, Charlie! We certainly can get along and be friends with those who are very different from us, if we are just willing to try. You are wiser than many people! I don’t supposed you’d consider running for President, would you????

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  6. Charlie, you sly dog…:)
    Do I detect a blooming Romeo and Juliet kind of romance that includes a happy ending?
    You’ll have to keep us up to date on how this is progressing. Just a reminder, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon..:)

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