Morning is Worth Waking up to

 Early Morning Front Yard - Mars, PA - June, 2017

Early Morning Front Yard – Mars, PA – June, 2017

Morning is worth waking up to…

When the warmth of the sun casts its golden magic,
and the shadows of the awakening trees begin dancing.

The cool dew is refreshingly invigorating on bare feet in the grass,
and the light breeze of the night still lingers.

The chirping birds are rejoicing, drenched with enthusiasm,
soaring and fluttering with the butterflies and the bees.

Steaming dark roast coffee is poured and inhaled,
lightened with Italian sweet cream, and then sipped with pleasure.

Sleepy, swollen eyes begrudgingly awaken and brighten.
It’s time to embrace the unending number of possibilities of a brand new day.

Cheers & Hugs,

If being in the second half of life means Sunday mornings are even more glorious than Saturday nights, I’ll take it!