Morning is Worth Waking up to

 Early Morning Front Yard - Mars, PA - June, 2017

Early Morning Front Yard – Mars, PA – June, 2017

Morning is worth waking up to…

When the warmth of the sun casts its golden magic,
and the shadows of the awakening trees begin dancing.

The cool dew is refreshingly invigorating on bare feet in the grass,
and the light breeze of the night still lingers.

The chirping birds are rejoicing, drenched with enthusiasm,
soaring and fluttering with the butterflies and the bees.

Steaming dark roast coffee is poured and inhaled,
lightened with Italian sweet cream, and then sipped with pleasure.

Sleepy, swollen eyes begrudgingly awaken and brighten.
It’s time to embrace the unending number of possibilities of a brand new day.

Cheers & Hugs,

If being in the second half of life means Sunday mornings are even more glorious than Saturday nights, I’ll take it!

40 thoughts on “Morning is Worth Waking up to

  1. Ha ha – raining here this morning in Holland and our dog (or Fair Weather Frida as we call her – here real name is Katy) never wants to go out in the morning if it is raining. Maybe I’ll read you words to her to see if it gives her some kind of much needed motivation!

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  2. Good Afternoon, Jodi! I had to smile as I read your delightful post. Over 30 of my 45+ yrs. as a nurse I worked night shift, it gave me the most time with my children. I didn’t have to rotate to other shifts and it paid better – important for a single Mom! I worked 7 nights a week including holidays. I’ve never been one to sleep many hours, so it worked well for me. I’m not complaining – I felt myself blessed to get paid for doing what I loved. The point here is that I never woke up to a new day, I was already up! When I retired, I could not sleep at night at all and still sleep in intervals. But, how different it is to wake up to morning after so many years of not giving it a thought. Too much information, sorry ( but your post prompted it! ) P.S. Beautiful photo and thoughts, Thank-you!

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  3. Lovely poem Jodi! πŸ’š And such a pretty photo! 🌳🌿 I’ve never been much of an early morning person but I’m going to try changing that so I can start painting in the morning when it is cool on our deck. I purchased an easel for myself and I’m so excited to start painting!! 🌷

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  4. your front yard looks so peaceful! Also, I forgot to respond to our convo on your other post. I went to school in Cresson Pa which is near altoona. Is that near you?

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  5. This is such a timely post for me. I don’t enjoy mornings as much as I used to, and I’m not quite sure why. But I think maybe I need to get back into a morning routine, so I can remember that mornings really are a start to a brand new day, full of unknown possibilities!

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