It’s That Time of Year

abstract fern watercolor 5x7

Abstract Fern Watercolor 5×7

It’s that time of year
when the colors and smells and heat of summer

with lush greens and fragrant flowers
and thick, heavy air

are making way for
the colors and smells and chill of autumn

with vibrant reds and scorching oranges and deep hues of yellow
and a refreshing “nip” in the air.

It’s that time of year –
a change in seasons

A time for new beginnings
and a time for sweet endings.

It’s that time of year
that wonderful, lovely, sweet time of year.

Cheers & Hugs,


To every thing there is a season… or is there?

white iris

They say to every thing there is a season,

a time,

and a purpose.

So why is this amazing Spring white iris blooming in my Fall garden right now?

Makes me wonder….

I was talking to my dad on the phone yesterday morning (like I do every weekday at 7:05am) and walking around the yard with Charlie checking out the beautiful Autumn day it was going to be.  All of the sudden, I caught glimpse of a bunch of white irises blooming in my front garden up against the house.  IRISES blooming amidst the browning leaves and dying off summer flower baskets!  Irises are one of the early Spring blooming flowers here in Mars.  What an unexpected, yet pleasant little gift.   Life is so full of surprises.  

Cherish the moments.

Cheers & Hugs,


PS  Dad said, “I guess I’ll be seeing this  on lifeinbetween.  You were right, Dad!  xo

Mikey on Deer Hunting Season

I am NOT a fan of hunting season.

dear deer Mikey 120114

My Mom makes me stay in the house because she is afraid all of the crazy hunters outside in the woods might think I am a deer.

So instead – she does silly things like this!

And I will […heavy sigh...] shamelessly do ANYthing for a treat!

Will someone please tell my Mom I am a “dear,” not a deer!

Most sincerely,

(Mikey McKinney)    paw print



Today is the first day of firearms deer-hunting season in Pennsylvania.

Per CBS Pittsburgh:  “Hundreds of thousands of hunters headed into the woods of Pennsylvania early this morning in hopes of snagging a buck. Pennsylvania Game Commission officials say they were expecting 750,000 hunters statewide to take part in this opening day of deer season.  For many in western Pennsylvania, today marks a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.  “It’s just part of our heritage. It’s in the DNA of people who live [here],” said Pa. Wildlife Conservation Officer Gary Fujak.  “When hunters are out there, they need to keep that in mind, that they’re actually providing a good public service to manage our deer population here,” he said.”