A Book-Signing Event

Jodi McKinney, Author & Artist, McKinneyX2Designs, Berry Vine Gifts

A Book-Signing Event.

There once was a little girl
who dreamt of being a mom.

Her dreams came true
with two sweet little boys

who she loved so dearly,
and they grew into men.

The mom was so proud and happy,
but missed being needed as a mom.

She learned other things
in her life in between

like blogging and writing
and painting with watercolor.

Then the mom was blessed again
with an even greater gift.

The mom became a grandma
to two beautiful little girls

who brought so much joy and love
and inspiration to her life.

Encouraged by hubby
and friends near and far

The mom painted characters
and wrote silly rhymes.

Then she put them together
in books dedicated to her grandie girls.

The first was pure fun,
and the second devoted to her bestie grandma friends.

And now this mom has been honored
with the opportunity to share this joy

In a book-signing event
at a sweet local shop.

Please stop by if you are anywhere near the Pittsburgh area!
I would love to share this joy with you!

Author Book-Signing Event:  Jodi McKinney
Klaus the Mouse and Other Silly Animal Tales
Lucas the Lion and his Fun Rhyming Friends

Saturday, May 25th – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Berry Vine Gifts
185 Bradford Road
Bradfordwoods, PA  15015

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Lots of fun handmade, home decor, jewelry, children’s clothing and gift items available at Berry Vine Gifts!  You won’t regret a visit to this charming little shoppe!

Both books are also available at Amazon if you cannot make it, but are being offered at a special price for this event!

43 thoughts on “A Book-Signing Event

  1. GreatJodi! Congratulations on your upcoming book signing event. You sure have blossomed into quite the creative artist and have branched out into so many avenues. Most artists are great on one type of artistic technique, but you great at so many!

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  2. Oh Happy Day. So much good karma coming your way. Your Karma & sincere vunerabilty, hard work & talent, not to mention, dicipline. Wish I could be there! Will be in spirit. Couldn’t wish you better things, love seeing your success & for being a part of your incredibile journey. Hugs & well wishes from one of your many fan friends.

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  3. “Namaste, My Jodi! It’s me, Benjamin! You are so beautiful, ‘specially in this picture! You are writing your name in some of your books for other kids, that is so awesome. They are so lucky to see you and to talk to you too. I love “Klaus the Mouse” and I share it with my friends. Gem and I read my mail about when I sent you my picture with my book, I was so little! I hope you have a good time at your store tomorrow and sell lotsa books. Neckbuster hugs and a zillion kisses! Bye!”

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    • Benjamin was so excited to see this lovely photo of “My Jodi”! He listened to the story with great interest and asked many questions. He was disappointed that he could not come to “your store” tomorrow “cause Mars is too far away, right Gem?” We will be there in spirit, cheering you on! Good Luck! Thank-you! P.S. He was also delighted to see his photo at the bottom of this post. I have it on a thumbnail, so that we can revisit it easily…and we often do!

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    • So so wonderful to hear from you Benjamin! I hope you’re having a fun holiday weekend! I had a very fun day yesterday signing books and meeting kids! Thanks for the hugs! I send some back to you!!! ❤️❤️


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