Mikey on Deer Hunting Season

I am NOT a fan of hunting season.

dear deer Mikey 120114

My Mom makes me stay in the house because she is afraid all of the crazy hunters outside in the woods might think I am a deer.

So instead – she does silly things like this!

And I will […heavy sigh...] shamelessly do ANYthing for a treat!

Will someone please tell my Mom I am a “dear,” not a deer!

Most sincerely,

(Mikey McKinney)    paw print



Today is the first day of firearms deer-hunting season in Pennsylvania.

Per CBS Pittsburgh:  “Hundreds of thousands of hunters headed into the woods of Pennsylvania early this morning in hopes of snagging a buck. Pennsylvania Game Commission officials say they were expecting 750,000 hunters statewide to take part in this opening day of deer season.  For many in western Pennsylvania, today marks a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.  “It’s just part of our heritage. It’s in the DNA of people who live [here],” said Pa. Wildlife Conservation Officer Gary Fujak.  “When hunters are out there, they need to keep that in mind, that they’re actually providing a good public service to manage our deer population here,” he said.”



30 thoughts on “Mikey on Deer Hunting Season

      • Yes, I have a little dog named Bria. She is 13 years old. I also had an English Springer Spaniel. He was 14, had a bad liver and bad kidneys then had a stroke (last March – 1 day after my birthday) and I had to have him euthanized. That was very sad. I still miss him. His name was Princeton. I got him when he was about 2 years old from the local animal shelter. He was sick and emaciated, turned into one of the best dogs I ever had. Bria is probably 1/2 poodle and 1/2 Shitz-Tzu (?). She was dumped in my yard when she was about 6-7 weeks old. I immediately got her her puppy shots but she still came down with Parvo, but was able to survive it. Haha! More information than you wanted to know. 🙂


      • Just Mikey for now – he’s pretty spoiled – doubt he would like another “pet” in the family 🙂 Actually – not sure if I could handle more than one at a time!! But, we’ve always had a dog or cat – just always one at a time.

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  1. Actually you are mostly a beagle and sometimes your mother………well she forgets that. I think she is trying to turn you into her FAVORITE Christmas animal, Rodolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer……..

    Your Dad

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  2. Dear Mike, I am sure you not happy about hunting season and your walks may be curtailed for a short amount of time. It will end and happy days will be yours again. I have brothers, brother-in-law, nephews, and nieces that all have deer heads on their walls. I don’t hunt but i know that in some places it is necessary. So you need to stay safe. Make sure your mom dresses you in bright orange!

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    • Dear Mallory –
      Thank you so much for responding to my post. My Dad and brother are jealous of my fame and opportunity to be a guest writer. My Dad was out looking for a big deer today, and I really wanted to go with him. I tried not to whimper and cry, but I couldn’t help it a little. I am usually allowed to go in and out of my doggie door whenever I want to, so I was not very happy to have the door blocked. Especially because Dad had other guy friends over, and I like to hang out with the boys and chase the deer too! I really appreciate you writing to me and thanks for wanting me to be safe! xo Mikey


  3. That’s what I associate with Thanksgiving and this time of year. Blam Blam Blam of deer hunters. Which I don’t really mind because of how many we have. If i told you we are overrun with deer, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. Now Mikey! Be a good boy and do what your mother tells you! Remember she has really good treats….


    • Dear Barbara – I am trying really hard to be a good boy. I usually do what my Mom tells me – especially when treats are involved – but sometimes I just can’t help it. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes a boy just has to do what a boy wants to do. Today was the worst day, but I’m sure it will get better. The first day of hunting is always the busiest. These deer are taking over our yard too – and they eat my Mom’s hostas and other flowers. I try to chase them all away, but I can’t stay awake all day and night, so sometimes (maybe 85% of the time) I miss them. Thanks for writing to me! I’m feeling a bit like a star! xo Mikey


    • Thank you MJ. My mom always tells me I am very handsome (and sometimes she even says cute – even though that is kind of embarrassing at my age!), but I appreciate you taking the time to read my guest post and comment. Sincerely, Mikey


  4. Oh Rob, says, Mikey you are the best. I sent you hugs and kisses and big woof woof. Oh to have a lovely dog like you. PS I had my assault rifle locked and loaded sittin in my back yard ready to spray the area but alas all I saw was Dancer and Prancer.


    • Dear Oh Rob – Thank you so much for commenting on my guest post, and I send my love back. You know how much I love when you visit, share your lap, and share your food!! I’m so glad you didn’t shoot Dancer or Prancer as I am anxiously awaiting Santa to bring me some goodies, and I wouldn’t want anything to hold him back. I am sure if it were any of those nasty deer that like to chase me, you would have hit them right on the mark with your precision shooting skills! Come visit again soon. Love, Mikey xo


    • Dear JR – it is good to hear from you. I’m glad my guest post made you laugh! My dad said next thing she will be putting red nose on me and making me into Rudolph! Please – if there is anything you can do – please convince her not to and save a little bit of my dignity! (Unless there is a treat involved…. then maybe I won’t mind) Sincerely, Mikey

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  5. Dear Mikey,

    You are a handsome fellow. I consider myself the most handsome dog in New York, but I think you may be the most handsome dog in Pennsylvania.
    I hope you were duly rewarded for wearing this costume.

    Stay safe,


    • Hi Albert – Thank you for reading my guest blog post. I am so glad to find another dog that can talk and write. Some people think my human family is crazy because we all talk constantly to each other. I am ALWAYS at the center of the conversations. I actually have a bit of a speech impediment. My dad says it came from being an orphan and nobody caring for me until he found me, but they love me despite it, and tell me all the time how handsome I am. 🙂 Thanks for thinking I am too. You’re pretty dapper yourself. I did get a reward (cookie) for wearing the costume, but not sure it was enough for the public humility. Though – I’d do it again for a nibble of a kibble! Enjoy New York today. I’ll be holding down the fort in my part of Mars – chasing out deer and anything else that comes in my yard, greeting the UPS man (who always brings me cookies), napping, and gazing at the house next door for my girlfriend, Pippa. (Oh you should see her Albert!) WINK WINK!

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