When things get blurry, stay focused!

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I’ve gone my whole life up until a few years ago without needing glasses.
I was always kind of proud to say I had 20/10 vision.  (not that I can take any credit for it)
Not 20/20 – – – but better!

And then it happened………
It seemed like overnight…
things got blurry…
I started moving things further out to focus in on…
I couldn’t read the “small print”…

I had laughed at Marty for years asking if I could hold the menu for him 10 feet away so he could read it when he stretched his arm out as far as he could to see it more clearly.

Payback is a bitch!

But it couldn’t be just that, I thought to myself.

So I went to the eye doctor telling him something was really wrong with my eyes, and that I suddenly seemed to need glasses.
We went through the whole rig-a-ma-roar of testing – and alas – he smiled and chuckled.
I still have 20/10 vision, he assured me…
For distance that is.

“But you see my dear,” he gently chuckled, “when people get around your age, they often need reading glasses.”

How did that happen?

Uh – Look in the mirror, Jodi! You are 51 years old!


So – yep – I’m part of that club that has a pair of glasses on top of my head or the tip of my nose as I walk around, and then I have to pull them down or push them up to read my iPhone or computer, or a book, or a recipe, or basically anything that is not FAR AWAY!

I’m in that club that has a pair of reading glasses in every room of the house, 2-3 pairs in my purse, a pair in the car, in my briefcase…

I’m in that club that can never find a pair of glasses when I need them.

I am in that club where husbands and wives borrow each other’s glasses in a restaurant to read the menu because one of us forgot ours.

And wouldn’t it be nice if we could just leave them on…… but NOOO – then you can’t see the object or person 10 feet away, because now distance is blurry through the reading glasses!

So……. it’s up and down…….   off and on……..   in and out…….   round and round!

Oh well – I keep reminding myself that I was 20 once, and 30 once, and 40……

As my friend, Pam (aka Bub) would say, “Be glad to celebrate growing old.” As a cancer survivor, she helps me remember the blessings of the opportunity to grow “older.”

And so I embrace it, and I chuckle at it, and I loved this stamp set and had so much fun making this card to celebrate the “gift” glasses are to me at this stage of “the game.” 🙂

Life is SPECTACULAR, and I’m looking forward to sharing this card with one of my “club members.”

Because life does get blurry sometimes — right?

Literally and in oh so many other ways!!

stay focused MFT geek is chic

13 thoughts on “When things get blurry, stay focused!

  1. Well Congratulations, you have arrived… and to where I don’t know!!!!! But my solution, because a nurse definitely needs to see what she’s doing or measuring, I ended up with full glasses…the bottom with a blended bifocal and the top plain glass. This worked much better than on and off, up and down!!!!
    Welcome to our league…and just think the fun of picking out trendy frames! 😉

    Have a great day,


    • Hey Char – thanks for the warm welcome – LOL! I did get a pair of those blended bifocals and wear them sometimes, but I find when I am spending a lot of time on the computer, I have to tilt my head up to see through them, and it is a PIA 🙂 They are great when looking down at your phone or paper, but to look at laptop screen, not so great…… Argh! I was hoping they would be my solution… The other thing I have trouble with when wearing them is walking down steps. Oiy vay! LOL!


  2. Laughing at this terrific post! You lasted until 51 before needing them? Lucky you. I bought the package at Costco with three pairs so I can have them around wherever I may roam. This spring, I was cleaning up in the garden and found a pair under my tiarella plant. And there’s always that moment of discovery in the fall when you put on an old jacket and – voila! – there’s another pair. YAY!


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