Mushroom: wwMc


I came across this little gem on my lunch time walk this afternoon.

It was a rather dreary, cool, overcast day, and this little mushroom – with its cap turned up instead of down – formed a little bowl to hold the rain water and created what looked like a miniature bird bath.

The wind was blowing and caused the water movement to look surreal.  The intricacy of the black curled ends of the mushroom cap created such beautiful detail.

It made me wonder about the miniature “world” surrounding it.  Were there tiny insects that bathed or drank from it?  Will a larger animal come and lap it?  Eat the mushroom?

So much detail in such a small space.  So much going on if we just look.

And it made me wonder…

Is this what we look like to God above?

Is there another life form out in the galaxy watching us as if we are a miniature world?


Cheers & Hugs,



8 thoughts on “Mushroom: wwMc

  1. Great questions and observations. I like the way you think about things. It’s a burning question – is this all there is? What else could be, far beyond our little blue marble floating silently in the void…


    • thanks, John – you are always so kind to comment. So you don’t think I’m completely crazy in the way I think about even the smallest things – that lead me to literally the biggest things???!! 🙂


      • No, of course not. To use a cliche’, you think outside the box. Sometimes life seems not unlike that Matrix movie series, there is something else, but it’s just out of sight and reach. I sound like a nut!

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  2. You always take such stunning photographs. You asked about people in another galaxy watching us? I have thought about that before too. I have also thought about when we die, we continue to exist just as we are here and now but in another world, so we continue to live and learn and never really die until we are ready to enter heaven and live in eternal bliss. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe this, I have just wondered this.


    • You are much too kind PJ! My photos are very amateur, but I’m glad you enjoy. I try hard with my limited knowledge and education, but can’t wait for the day when I can actually understand and make educated decisions about my photos. In the meantime, I just take what I think is interesting, and share my thoughts. I hope that is considered “art.” And I totally get your thinking and wondering!!


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