un 7We had the pleasure of spending an unforgettable Un-Thanksgiving with some of our undeniable favorites this past Saturday.

Now before you get all, “What the heck?  Aren’t you thankful?  Are you anti-Thanksgiving?” on me…un 6I LOVE Thanksgiving, and I am unbelievably thankful for so many un-deserved blessings in my life.un 3It’s just that it is impossible to be with everyone you want to be with on that one certain day for that one certain meal at that one certain time.  Right?un 1So my unparalleled cousins, Nikole and Michael, undertook the task of preparing an unforgettable Un-Thanksgiving feast and family celebration.un 2Unlike your traditional Thanksgiving meal, we had the most unequivocally sumptuous pork roast with an unbearably amazing vinaigrette, roasted potatoes, the most unfathomably incredible roasted brussels sprouts with chorizo and chopped almonds, roasted fresh carrots, and fresh baked bread with oil for dipping.un 4We uncorked unlimited bottles of vino (apparently too many as I certainly did not have my camera focused for this timer-set group shot!)…un 9We laughed unstoppably….un 8We even unleashed our inner Broadway talents while singing and dancing to “Frozen” after unsparingly stuffing our tummys and snuggling on the couch.

The unlimited love unraveled that day was unmistakable.un 5So think about doing something untimely and unexpected like an Un-Thanksgiving or Un-Christmas or Un-Whatever…… You might just unravel some unexpectedly untouchable moments and memories.

Now do you understand?  🙂

Until next time…
Cheers & Hugs,

14 thoughts on “Un-Thanksgiving

    • As a mom of two grown young men, JR, I have to admit this was my FIRST time seeing Frozen. It was adorable. Loved it – especially sharing it with the people I was with! 🙂 Have an unbelievably wonderful day!

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