New Birthday Balls

I have to admit.  I love a good theme.
Party that is.


Birthday, holiday, any ole’ special occasion.

You would think I’ve had my fix raising my two sons, celebrating birthdays, creating Halloween costumes, being homeroom mom every elementary school year.

But nooooo – my boys are in their twenties, hubby in his fifties, and I’m still “theme”ing it up when I can.  They always harass me about it, but “I’ll betcha a nickel,” (as Pap used to say) they would be disappointed if I didn’t….

So when Marty said all he’d like for his birthday this year is some new RED felt for a beautiful gently-used pool table Nick helped him find on Craig’s list for the “man cave,” I couldn’t resist going with it.

The kids came over one evening while Marty was at a meeting and did an amazing job re-felting the table from an ordinary green to an extraordinary burgundy red.  (and saving me $300+ labor to boot!)

pool table red felt

Going with the theme, the boys bought Marty some beautiful new balls (which we had fun with all evening) 🙂 and some other pool table accessories.

pool balls

Of course I made a pool ball cake…

pool balls cake 1

…which consisted of RED velvet cupcakes (they don’t make red felt cake mix) decorated as stripes and solids (even if not the exact colors and numbers to match as was pointed out to me – and THEY give ME a hard time about my themes!?!) with white Necco wafers I numbered with black icing.

And you don’t want to know how many rolls of those things I had to go through to get 15 whites – that were NOT broken!?! 🙂 I now have a pint jar full of all the other colors if anybody has any creative ideas for using these little disks of hard sugar that pretty much taste like nothing.  (C’mon Jill – I know you’ve got something in you!!)

And by the way – no need to purchase all the different colors of sugar.  Did you know you can simply add a couple drops of food coloring to a scoop of sugar in a jar, shake, and Voila! – colored sugar!

pool balls cake

And, of course,  I had to make a little card to go along with the theme too.

pool table cake

I got lucky and won ONE game of pool….

and ZERO games of “Smart Ass” – but we sure had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday Merv!

Cheers & Hugs & Lots of Love,

25 thoughts on “New Birthday Balls

  1. Well, well my friend…you are one smart cookie…you are awesome in the theme department!!! Wish you were a home room mother with me! 😉
    It looks like Marty had a marvelous birthday!!!!
    Have a great day,
    Char ❤


  2. So SWEET! I do believe that everything you touch turns into magic! (Do you have a genie in a bottle?) (snicker snicker). Beautiful pool table and the cake is amazing! Marty, I mean Merv, is one lucky dude to have Jodi, I mean, Gert, for a wife! You turn everything into FUN!


    • Oh don’t you worry my friend – we have our moments…. hours…. days… months… that aren’t so great (Just wait for that book! LOL!) but all in all – we love each other dearly, and I am truly blessed.


  3. I loved this! What a great idea going with the theme with cupcakes and the card! We have a lot in common…With my husband we’ve raised two sons, now 20 and 18. I played up the theme game every year, made a train cake with different colored cars and candy cargo, a fish cake with anecdotes wafers for the scales, and an 16 cake for my oldest, with a special pan I have. I also have made my own scrapbook cards as well. You are really talented! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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