Special Guest Blogger Post: A Walk with Mikey

Mikey walk

Sometimes I stick my tongue out at my Mom when she takes my picture for the umpteenth time

Some of you may remember me from my debut blog post back in November.

Mom was looking for a break, so I offered to write today’s post and share a bit from our adventures yesterday.  (Well… she did the typing, but I did all the creative thinking!)

First off… I’m very proud to share that, with the break in weather and the opportunity to get back out and walk with Mom, I fit back into this spring jacket / raincoat (albeit barely fit) since loosing the 3 or 4 lbs I recently packed on.  Don’t I look svelte?!

Mikey walk raincoat

When the weather was below zero for weeks on end, the only exercise I was getting was my occasional escape into the woods when Mom or Dad weren’t paying attention where I was secretly feasting on the hind quarter of a deer I found (all by myself!).   Then Dad had to go and spoil everything by tracking my footprints in the snow the led him directly to my snacking spot.  I should have taking some twists and turns to throw him off, but my exuberance to get directly there won out.

Since it was still in the below freezing temperatures when Dad found MY deer, the best he could do was attempt burying it with sticks and random stuff that I had ABSOLUTELY NO TROUBLE getting past, so when caught again (due to the smell on my breath and the size of my waistline) when returning from “going potty,” I was grounded.

Seriously…. Grounded!?  How humiliating!  My doggie door was BLOCKED!  No free range for me.  I had to humble myself to ring the hanging bell on the front door when I absolutely HAD to go out.

So when Mom started offering walks again recently when the weather broke, I got my mojo back and thought I’d share a bit of our adventure with you all.

Monday was so warm and sunny, we didn’t think to take pictures since we were enjoying it so much.  Yesterday was a bit drizzly and dreary, but that didn’t hold us back – though we did only have the iPhone with us to capture these snippets we are sharing.

Mikey walk snow melting

Don’t you just hate when ‘someone’ shares this rear-angle view of you?! SHEESH!

First stop was this tree that has been troubling me for a while now.  I really wish my friend Jim would get back from Florida!  He would be appalled to see this tree down and laying in his yard.  And besides, I am sure he misses seeing me walk by his house daily and letting me run around his yard and give me ear scratches and belly rubs.  COME HOME JIM!

Mikey walk Jim tree down

There are several of these bright red fire hydrants that we pass on our walk.  We thought our friend Dan at RedStuffDan would like this shot.  He takes some amazing photos (most with red stuff) from a place called South West France.   Whatever…

Mikey walk fire hydrant

It is exciting to see all the things that have been buried under the snow for so long.  I was very carefully sniffing around these VERY prickly things that have fallen on the ground from a large tree.  They were not really very interesting to me, but I’ll bet our friend PJ from BeautifulWords would think of a funny or heartwarming story to write about them!

Mikey walk prickly tree things

When we saw this litter, we thought of our friend Jo at DailyRecord365 and the beautiful work of art she made from the things she collected on her recent walk.  Mom and I have decided we are going to try to remember to carry a trash bag one day a week and pick up this ugly litter people have thrown out on our beautiful stretch of walk.

Mikey walk trash

It was great to see and hear the water running in this little creek that runs under the road and into the woods that has been frozen for so long.  We envision John at JustMobilePhotos doing something crazy cool with his photo editing skills with this one and making it all dreamy and freaky looking, or Sylvia at SpanishWoods writing something poignant in just a few words that would make us smile and remember this moment all day.

Mikey walk water running

Every time we pass these beautiful blue spruce trees (that smell like Christmas by the way), we think of our friend Barbara at SilverintheBarn and all the beautiful arrangements she creates and how much she loves and misses blue spruce trees.  Come visit Barbara and we can send some back with you!  And maybe a certain little Westie-boy would like to join us for a walk.

Mikey blue spruce

I am very curious about walking up this path, but Mom says that bright orange sign means we are not allowed.  We try to follow the rules (except when fresh venison is involved!)  And we know our friend JR at Nuggets of Gold would want us to do the right thing.

Mikey walk no trespassing

It was a great walk, but I got quite muddy… And we all know what that means……

the dreaded “B” word!

Yep – you guessed it – BATH – I had to immediately get in the laundry room stationary tub (seriously!?! – there are other much nicer tubs in the house!)  Albert from AlbertsNewYork – are you with me here?!  Do your people make you bathe in the laundry tub?  HELP!

Mikey bath

And then my Mom thinks this is a cute way to dry me off….  MH at MotherHenDiaires – please hold your tongue – I know you have something to say about this pose – but I beg you to spare your wit at my expense (unless it involves one of your chickens as a treat!)

Mikey towel

This is how I like to dry off!  Like a real man!  Like AI from AlmostIowa who lives in a cabin in the woods and writes about macho, manly stuff and doesn’t feel the need to check freshness dates on things (like dead deer in the woods).

Mikey drying

But after all this excitement, I need to rest.  And my favorite place is to undo Mom and Dad’s bed and snuggle between my Dad’s two pillows and hide my nose (but never my eyes that are always on the lookout – unless they close –  for the UPS man or squirrels or deer or bunnies or birds or the pizza delivery man or….) and I dream about Laura at CreateArtEveryDay capturing my beautiful eyes in one of her famous sketches and challenging people to guess who it is (since I am kinda famous) or maybe Jenny from RamblingsfromaMum could write a beautiful poem about me….

Mikey after bath in bed

Well – I’m exhausted after all of this blogging stuff, so I think I will take a nap, but I hope you will write and comment so Mom will give me more opportunities to be a guest blogger here at lifeinbetween.  After all, I am part of what makes her life so darn wonderful!


paw printMikey McKinney

52 thoughts on “Special Guest Blogger Post: A Walk with Mikey

    • Thank you Miss Kelly! Woof back to Chase. I hope he is enjoying NC as much as you! He is so lucky to get to take walks on the beach! I have never done that!


  1. Thank you Mikey for giving us a glimpse into your world. You should stop by and visit Abby, Daisy, Zoey, and Bindi. You could play in the big yard with them. If you are lucky, you could stay for dinner, Dad cooks up fresh venison for them to eat sometimes. Tell mom I said “HI”!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are very welcome! Tell me more about Abby, Daisy, Zoey and Bindi. Have I mentioned how much I L O VVVV E Venison – cooked or raw – I’ll take either way! Mom say’s Hi back.


  2. Woof, woof Mikey from one of your buddies and pals. I really woved your blog. Your eyes are so captivating so you better watch out for any would be suitors. After all you are a real catch. I sure wish my smell was as keen as yours but alas that is a special talent left for you dogs!!! But I you surely offer us humans a reminder to stop, look and smell—–something. I must admit, olde pal, decaying venison may be tempting to you but to us humans. But, hey, I totally understand sometimes a guy just has to off the diet once in awhile. I loved your bath pictures and thinking about copying one for my whine room!!! Gosh those eyes of yours makes me think of adding one of your kind into our home! If we could only clone you buddy!!! Arf, Arf, woof woof. Your are the best, Mikey!!! And don’t forget to pass out those “kisses” to all you meet except squirrels, deer, and most importantly skunks. Enjoy you day dear friend. Guess whoooo!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Rob – one of my favorite guys – i would know your comments anywhere! I love you so much and wish I could come be with you and go for boat rides! I think you should get a furry son or daughter. Us dog kids bring our families so so much joy! Just ask my Mom and Dad …. Except not when I’m in trouble!


  3. Mikey you look great, watch out you may turn a pretty head as you go on your walks. A glamorous poodle may think OH WOW! Glad that you insisted on doing the right thing when you saw the bright orange sign. It’s good that Jodie has you to keep you out of trouble! 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me! Hope you post again someday, you are so creative! Enjoy your day and have another fun adventure soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Miss JR! I’m blushing! Sometimes Mom reads your Tuesday Thoughts out loud. I believe in lifetime learning…. And some things take a lifetime to learn. (Like how I’m NOT supposed to go eat deer in the woods…) But sometimes – I just can’t help myself…. Everyday is an adventure Miss JR. That is how we try to look at it anyway. 🙂 Thanks for reading and writing back!


  4. Mikey, Mikey you are so darn cute! I have a female cutie named Bria and I think you two could make great friends! I noticed you were sniffing around in an area where the aliens landed and invaded! Be careful because that prickley outter armor is poisonous! (Not really, but for my story they are. LOL!) Thank your mom for the shout-out! I would love to visit with you longer but I am having trouble keeping my eyes open…….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awww, Miss Penny would love you, Mikey, you’re such a sweetheart. And such soulful eyes you have! The camera just loves you! Thanks for keeping the art love in your dreams, and stay tuned, you never know when your handsome face may appear where you least expect it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Miss Laura – tell me about Penny. Is she your bestest friend like I am to my Mom? (and dad…. and everyone who meets me – at least I think so 🙂 ) Oh – I would be so flattered, but I dare only dream of my handsome (blush) face appearing where I hope to (ahem – I mean least expect to) see it. I am so envious of your artistic talent. If only I had opposable thumbs…..

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello, Mikey! It is good to hear from you again, and it’s very nice of your Mom to do your typing for you. I make the Lady do all my typing, too. I will enjoy sniffing out her other friends’ blogs. You are looking good, and that coat is very flattering.

    I hear you on the bath thing. I do not get mine in a laundry tub–there is one in the basement of the building, and my cocker spaniel friend gets her baths there. But I get mine in the bathtub. It’s awful–I spend the whole time shivering and waiting for the torture to end. But I must admit I do enjoy being dried off my special towel afterward, and I like to run zoomies around the apartment.

    It’s too bad you didn’t get to eat the rest of that deer. I have never eaten a real deer out in the woods like that, although I sometimes get venison treats. Did you feel as if you were re-connecting with your primal self?

    Have a good nap, and hope to hear from you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Albert – It is so good to hear from a seasoned blog STAR like you. I am so flattered. Mom talks about you all the time. We are like the country dog and the city dog – you and I. I might be so afraid in your big city as I know nothing about traffic rules and buses and tall buildings. You would love where I live I bet. I have a doggie door that I am allowed to come in and out of as I please (when I’m not grounded like currently) 😦 and there are bunnies and squirrels and birds and of course deer to chase. there is a super nice man in a brown truck that wears brown clothes all the time that is my best friend and his name is Mike too – and he comes just to see me several times a week and always brings me “cookies”. But – you are so lucky to have such a nice bath tub. I’m going to tell my Mom about it and maybe I’ll be allowed to take a jacuzzi bath one of these days. I deserve it – right?

      Liked by 1 person

      • You have a special cookie delivery man? The country sounds magical! But I hope you don’t have any bears out there. Sometimes we go to the Catskills, and I am always nervous about running into a bear.
        Tell your Mom to give the jacuzzi a try, Mikey. I can just picture you with some nice candles and bubbles. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh Albert – that bath sounds almost bearable! And speaking of bears – there are sometimes bears in our woods. My neighbor boy has caught them on his woods hunting cameras (as well as catching me in the act! Can you believe the nerve!) And My Cookie man is the BEST! Mom says he really is coming to deliver packages to her, but I don’t believe it. He is one of my best friends. He even sent me a thank you note for my Christmas gift to him. Have you ever received mail? Isn’t it FUN?! Have a great CITY BOY kinda day Albert. It’s going to be beautiful here in Mars and Mom and I already got a 3 mile walk in this morning!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Pam – you know me so well – not everyone knows about my speech impediment – but they would still love me -right? Not everyone is perfect, and I was so lucky to be adopted considering my “disability.” And thank you for teaching me important stuff like “Tref” Please come visit soon. I miss you!


    • Hi Max! My mom does not make dog treats, but I am certainly going to recommend it! I must admit, I am not fussy and consider any morsel that falls on the floor a treat, so I think she figures it is hardly worth fussing. A-roooo-oooo back to youuuuuu my friend!


  7. Could you ask Mikey if he can spare some pine cones from his yard? We need some for our “woodland” themed baby shower this weekend, and I refuse to buy them from Michael’s! You get about 10 measly little ones in a bag for too much money…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m given love and love I outpour
    With my beautiful brown eyes and velvet fur
    I love my walks with my mum and dad
    Wearing my jacket I look so grand

    My poses get boring one could say
    Especially when mum starts flicking away
    So I poke out my tongue, now and then
    But not out of cheekiness, just ‘coz I can

    I sometimes have dear, my favourite food
    You have to believe me that it’s very good
    Not succulently braised as you humans eat
    The stinkier the better, like smelly old feet

    I miss my friend Jim as he basks in the sun
    I want him back now so we can have fun
    I may be a dog but please have no fear
    Nothing beats rubs or scratches on ears

    I’m curious, Im nosey, it’s just what dogs do
    I’m cute and I’m cuddly, remember that to!
    So when I’m muddy and need to get clean
    Be gentle on me with the bathtub regime

    So next time you see me walk past your way
    Remember to wave and perhaps say good day
    Or give me a pat, which I really do like
    Say hi to my mum and just call me Mike

    Great post Jodi, Mikey is so so cute, thank you for typing on his behalf. 💚


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