I went to the Gym yesterday…

See me?


Yep – that’s about all you are going to see for a while of me at the gym….  Oh dear – it is NOT a pretty sight!

giphy (1)

Maybe when my form looks a bit more like this, by possibly 2020, I’ll share my tips with you!

giphy (2)For now – I was lucky to lift one foot up on this contraption:

snap gym matt and balance ballOops!  Need to flip it over!

IMG_5575Here is an ultra special top-secret sneak peak of my amazing form mid lift (action photo!)….


…all while snapping the photo with my iPhone and listening to Uptown Funk on REPEAT through my headphones – AND keeping my shoes off the wall!  (which are not, God forbid, the shoes I wore to enter the gym from outside, as that is a BIG NO NO! – and there are cameras everywhere!)

Impressive – right?!  Okay – maybe not so much – but last week I couldn’t even balance with two feet on the dang thing.  Believe it or not, it takes some core muscles to do it….  And now Nick (my son and fitness instructor) said, after I proudly texted him the above photo, I need to work on one-legged squats/toe touches on the ball!  SHEESH!

So anyway- did some crunches and then planked (I know – talking like I know what I’m talking about here – right?!).

I even managed TEN (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – count ’em kids!  10!) [ahem] girl push-ups!

But last week I could only do 6!  (Am I PITIFUL or what?!)

Here’s my view from the floor where I was covertly snapping these photos with my iPhone, trying to be discreet to the 3 or 4 other patrons that braved the 1 degree F temperatures today to join me at the gym on their lunch break.


I’ve been trying to get up at 5am and “hit the gym” before I get too busy, but couldn’t do it yesterday, so I went at lunch time. (a great perk on days I work from home)

So hey – I’m not calling this a New Year’s Resolution!  I never stick to New Year’s Resolutions!  Does anyone??!?

And besides, I started going on December 27th – exactly one day after my BFF posted some photos of me on Facebook that made me gasp!

That is almost a full week BEFORE New Year’s Day, so it can’t count as a New Year’s Resolution!

Gotta go for the lifestyle change dealeo – right?!  ….


If you need some motivation to get moving, I just double dare you to not boogie while you listen to this:

Are you wiggling yet?

Well – put it on repeat and get movin’!

Help hold me accountable by asking if I’ve gone to the gym today?  K friends?  I’m thinking if I tell all of you, I’ll stay accountable.  What burden I ask of you – eh?!  🙂


Time for some cardio!  Are you dancing with me Jo Freehand?  How about a song to keep me moving when I burn out on Uptown Funk?

Cheers & Hugs,


36 thoughts on “I went to the Gym yesterday…

  1. Well done you, it’s not an easy gig, but so worth it. I went a few years back, trying to tone for my daughters wedding, I turned into a gym junkie. 5 sometimes 7 days a week, I did this for three years, but burnt out. I have a treadmill at home if the weather is yuck, otherwise I walk everyday for 45 mins. Wouldn’t it be nice to be young and toned and fit again. Good luck, I’ll try and remind you 💜😀


    • I can be like that too, Jenny – go to extremes – so we’ll see how I make out… I love to walk too, but it is so cold and snowy here now. A bit challenging. I guess it would be nice to be young and toned, but heck – we were young once, and the young can have it now, I’m embracing 50s! 🙂


  2. LOL Jodi!! You have a lot more gumption than I do! Haha! I am proud of you for taking on such a wonderful goal. You will start feeling so much better! (That’s what I hear anyway. :D). Keep us updated on this journey. BTW, have you gone to the gym today?


  3. Good on yer, Mate! As my Aussie friend says! What is the thing that you’re standing on with one foot? Something special for balance? It won’t surprise to hear that I am somewhat unbalanced myself. I know I need to work on that too! Fun post, Jodi!


    • Heck if I know what it is called Barbara :), but yes it is for balance. So first step is to just be able to get on it and stand – check – then to balance on one foot – check – that took two days – I could only stand on one, but not the other yesterday – today I could do both – NEXT – I have to start doing lunges on it! We’ll see about that! Thanks for seeing the humor in the post – I hoped it came through…

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  4. OH Jodi you had me smiling a lot with this post! You go girl!! I believe you will surpass your goals and be showing off pics soon 🙂 I posted this on FB yesterday. A pic of a big turtle and it says, Rabbits jump and they live for 8 years, Dogs walk and they live for 15 years, Turtles do nothing and they live for 150 years!! Lesson learned! 🙂 Yes, I know I need a healthier view of exercise, LOL, but couldn’t resist that! You may help encourage me to get moving this year too! 🙂

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  5. HAHAHA! OF course, I absolutely am dancing with you Jodi! Thanks for taking me to the gym with you. Those fitness experts are right, it IS better to go with a friend. I had soooooo much fun……watching you balance on that contraption. Are you sure it goes that way? Here I was with it flipped over. I thought they were little cushions for watching the news between sets (mostly your sets).

    (It’s hard to pick a song. So many good choices. I’ll move my rhythmless self to any. I like your choice. Is that “Come on Eileen” starting?)


  6. Jodi, I know youre having fun making fun if yourself, but i learned a dewbthings in times like these (getting back into shape). Words like “pathetic” “weak” and other negative cuts to ourself actually dont help us keep the motivation up or our self image. One little accomplishment at a time – celebrate it! And yeah, 10 pushups for a woman out of practice is tough! You did it! You are awesome and share a vibrant spirit. We’ll keep cheering you on.


    • Awh! Thanks Laura – and great advice! I was just trying to be a bit funny, but am trying very hard to take it serious. I am pretty darn of shape, but in just a little over a week, see major improvements that most wouldn’t notice, but every little bit helps and encourages me. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and to comment. Notes like this will really help encourage me to keep it up. THANK YOU!

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  7. Well I must admit I am wiggling…in my chair typing!!!!!
    The hardest for me is getting up in the AM to get to the Y…I’ve been such a slacker since Thanksgiving. 😦
    I’ve been taking a water aerobics class, much gentler to the joints and just as effective.
    CONGRATULATIONS my friend on your work-out…and “Funk it UP” !!!! 😉
    Have a good one,


    • Hi Char – It is such a wiggly song – right?!?! 🙂 I agree about the getting up part – that is the hardest! Always feel so much better AFTER! Good for you doing the water aerobics, and I would imagine putting a bathing suit on in the middle of winter is motivation in itself! 🙂

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  8. Great music, Jodi! It’s the music that always makes a workout fun for me, too! Have you tried Zumba yet? What a great workout… and so much fun! Our health club also has an easier version, called Zumba Gold. Just wondering if you chose One Little Word for 2015? It’s going to be another great year for us! ♡

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  9. I’m dancing with you 🙂
    I’ll ask you if you went to the gym if you ask if I’ve had dessert today 🙂 Now and then is alright but whatever I did at Christmas is attacking my body now, yikes.

    You go girl- you can do it

    p.s. I wanted to make brownies but I am making soup ^_^


  10. You go girl! So proud of you. What works for me is I make going to the gym part of my routine. Every M-W-F, no excuses. On those days I don’t feel like going, I find if I can just get to the gym and workout I am always happy I did. Keep it fun and interesting, I am always like switching classes and music. I sing, dance, laugh…just to keep going. I too Love Up Town Funk…keep the music going, One of Jenna and my favorite songs is Booyah by We are Loud and Sonny Wilson. It is obscure but keeps us moving…also Yeah by Usher, Happy by Pharrell Williams, Harlem by New Politics, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Still into You by Pharamore. What ever you like, play it…and sing to it…who cares who watches! I’ll keep tabs on you!

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    • Oh Heather! Thank you so much for the encouragement and song recommendations! I so appreciate!!! I am going to download some of these songs to my iTunes! Thank you for taking the time to write and to encourage!!! xo


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