A Star was Born

Stella Star

30 years ago – Grandma (Stella Star) 72 – Jodi 22

A Star was born
on a warm summer’s eve
destiny’s daughter
Stella Louise.

A Star was born
in a coal mining town
a new life, a new country
her parents danced round.

A Star was born
It was 1913
Her parents worked hard
but life was still lean.

A Star was born
when Stella turned nine
with three little brothers
and Dad in the mine.

A Star was born
when her mom passed away
and Dad shared the news
she must now the role play.

A Star was born
to cook and clean and no longer play
for Dad had work and brothers school
Stella took over the chores each day.

A Star was born
that raised brothers so dear
they all grew in love
and days turned to years.

A Star was born
that married my Pap
She laughed and sang and chattered
while I sat on his lap.

A Star was born
that taught me about life
the meaning of love
what’s wrong and what’s right.

A Star was born
that died too soon
but is always with me
like a warm cocoon.

A Star was born
as my memories reveal
the best, greatest gifts of love
for me she made real.

A Star was born
on that warm summer’s eve
My Grandma, my hero
Her memory my reprieve.

Grandma & Grandpap, Johnny & Jodi - 1968

Grandma & Grandpap, Johnny & Jodi – 1968

This poem is dedicated to my Grandma, my hero – Stella Star, and done in response to the WordPress DailyPost Writing 201 Poetry Challenge:

Prompt:  Hero(ine)
Form:  Ballad
Device:  Anaphora/Epistrophe

Grandma died 20 years ago at the age of 82.  I was 32.  I still miss her every day, but I try to live each day carrying out her legacy and making her proud of the person she helped mold me into.  She will always be my guiding star.

Cheers & Hugs,

38 thoughts on “A Star was Born

    • Thank you JR! I’m so glad the love came through. Some deep feelings are so hard to put into words – and especially when trying to fit into a particular form 🙂 I hope someday, if I am blessed with Grandchildren, I can be the kind of Grandma to them that she was to me.


  1. Oh Jodi how beautiful…what a tribute to your Grandmother…your shining star! Isn’t it wonderful how God gives those special Angel’s in our lives when we need them the most?!?! Beautiful written, A+!
    Have a great day,

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  2. Oh how I love this Jodi! Your Grandma was truly a Star always bright and cheery a warm bright light!! Thanks for sharing a lovely tribute to your Stella Star and for sharing her with me so many years ago!! XO. Love you and you Star!!

    Liked by 1 person

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